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DIY Fall Decor – Paint And Decorate A Basket + DIY Sign

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If there is one thing I love is a budget-friendly DIY home décor project. Do you? Let me show you how to paint a basket and make this DIY Fall Decor.

For this fall decor idea, I painted and decorated a basket; it is so easy. First, find a basket to upcycle, or grab an inexpensive new basket to paint. Then, paint the basket and decorate the basket for fall. I also made a fall sign to hang on mine. You can too! Let’s do this fun decor project.

If you are looking for other ways to decorate for fall… See these home decor ideas.

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DIY Fall Decor


What I love about projects like this is that it’s a fall diy/craft that anyone can do! When the basket is painted with fall colors, you can decorate it for fall/autumn in any way you like. (Need easy decorating ideas? See the list later in the post)

Additionally, you can paint the basket different colors of chalk paint (or quality acrylic paints) for different seasons or match your home’s decor. Then decorate the basket, or use it to contain books, magazines, or hold other items.

Fall Basket that was painted and has fall decor added - DIY Fall Decor - DearCreatives.com

Supplies you will need for painting a basket for fall and decorating for fall are easy to find online or at your local craft stores. Or even go through your home or a thrift shop to find the perfect basket to paint and decorate.

Basket with handles, chalk paint in cream and orange for a DIY home decor project. DearCreatives.com


Close up of painters tape used for the fall craft project - decorating a basket with chalk paint. DearCreatives.com
Painters Tape

Supplies for DIY sign – Gather

I like covering my painting area with a thin sheet of wood to protect my table. But, you can protect your table surface by using a plastic garbage bag, a plastic table cloth, or another surface you don’t mind getting paint on.

How To Paint A Basket


Painters Tape on Straight Edge of Basket
Beginning to use the painters tape on the basket

Start by taping off any detailing you wish to do on the basket.

Putting Painters Tape Onto Basket
Taping around the curves to protect the surface where you won’t be painting

To tape off curves cut in small strips to ensure proper coverage.

Painting details of basket with Chalky Finish Paint
Going around the basket with chalk paint.

Paint details first with your angle brush. Start by wetting your brush but, pull out all excess water. Do this by placing the bristles between two fingers on each side of the bristles on the brush and pulling them down, squeezing out excess water.

Next, add your paint to your brush wipe but, don’t overload the brush.

Basket Edge 2 Being painted with chalky finish paint
Painting the edges of the basket

Paint all the way around your basket. Hold and move your basket around to make it easier when applying. This will ensure you get all areas covered.

Painted Basket With Chalky Finish Paint
The finished basket that was painted with two colors of chalk paint

Next, add your neutral-colored chalk paint to the rest of your basket. Touch up any areas you need to once the basket has dried.

Then let the basket dry completely, at least a few hours before you decorate it.

Fall Basket that was painted and has fall decor added - DIY Fall Decor - DearCreatives.com
Basket with floral filler and fall candles

How to decorate a basket for fall?

To Decorate A Basket For fall; Add Fall Decor Accents, Fall Napkins, and Dessert Plates…

DIY Fall Sign

Basket on table with large pumpkin and fall decorations - Thanksgiving decor ideas- DearCreatives.com

Pick your word. The word I picked to paint was “Gather”. Let’s make it!

ArtMinds Clear Pine Craft Wood for making a fall sign - DearCreatives.com
Craft Wood For DIY sign
  1. Decide on the word you want on your wood sign.
  2. Give the piece of wood a base coat and let it dry completely!
  3. Add the word you picked to the painted surface by pencil lettering lightly onto the wood. (or use a reuseable stencil set) Or just freehand it like me.
  4. You can use a ruler if you need help making a straight line. Do this by lightly make the line, then erase it after you make the lettering.
  5. Paint the lettering with acrylic paint, and by using a detail paintbrush to paint the sign by hand. (If you use a stencil you will need a stencil brush like this)
  6. Allow the paint to dry.
  7. Wrap the ends on each side with the twine. This gives it a fall, farmhouse, rustic look.
  8. Attach the sign to the basket using a hot glue gun. Or attach the sign by using staight pins through the twine and into the basket.
DIY sign with the word gather - fall decor idea - DearCreatives.com

Additionally, you could use a Cricut to design, cut, and print out the word, then attach it to the surface of the wood and attach the sign to the basket.

Fall decor - Painted basket with wood sign that says gather, with faux pumpkins, fall candles and other decor accents. DearCreatives.com

Use this technique for decorating any basket for any holiday by picking different paint colors. Then decorate the basket with seasonal decor. I decorated this basket for Thanksgiving! And for my fall decor. What season will you decorate your basket for?


There are so many ways to decorate a basket.

What types of DIY fall decor are you interested in making?

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Happy Crafting, making and decorating!

I did receive the chalk paint for free to use in my craft project. Finally am sharing this easy craft idea. I previously shared a condensed version of this tutorial that was made for DecoArt. You can see the paint projects I have created for them here, on my DecoArt creator profile page.

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