Easy DIY Jewelry You Need to Try! DIY Wire Flower Ring

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Have you ever wanted to diy jewelry? Or learn how to make wire rings? Yay, you have come to the right post! Get ready to DIY a Wire Flower Ring. These rings are also made with nail polish. What you’ll need are only a few craft supplies, and most supplies you’ll probably have from around the house. 

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Do you have a teen at home? My teen made this! Add this to your teen crafts to try and make. But, you don’t have to be a teen to enjoy this project. I also linked to our other diy jewelry at the end of the post, like our favorite fringe suede necklace diy. You might also like to check out our fall craft ideas or other crafts. Happy jewelry making! 

DIY Wire Flower Ring 

DIY Jewelry - Have you ever wanted to try to make jewelry at home? Find this easy to make wired flower ring and more diy jewelry at DearCreatives.com #wirejewelry #diy #crafts #homemade #jewelry #flower #nailpolish

Sammie is always heading to birthday parties and loves giving her friends homemade gifts. She loves trying cool crafts to make at home, so decided to try a new jewelry project. Sammie found and used a You Tube video tutorial (shown below) to make this wired flower ring. 

We washed out a play dough container, and she added pretty shredded paper (our favorite gold crinkle paper*not shown) to hold her ring for the homemade gift. Then she added it to a gift bag with a few other gifts and a card to give her friend.

Wire Flower Ring made with wire and nail polish DearCreatives.com

We both we amazed at how pretty these wire flowers that are painted in nail polish look when they are done. She made a bunch of the flower rings and is even going to make a necklace, and a few other jewelry gifts for her friends. I hope to get a few more photos close up to add to the post. The ones below she made and already gave away as gifts.

Close up of wire jewelry and craft supplies. diy jewelry DearCreatives.com

Crafts Supplies for making jewelry

  1. Jewelry Wire (gold) or (silver)
  2. Pick your favorite nail polishes; We used colors like  Nail Polish (pastel blue) Nail Polish (yellow exotic birds) Nail Polish (lilac) Nail Polish (Santa Monica Beach, peach) Nail Polish (light green) * In single color or in combinations they turn out looking pretty! 
  3. Pencil or smooth wood dowel or jewelry mandrel
  4. Wire Cutter-Pliers Set 

Directions for making a wire ring

  • Follow the directions in this video later in this post, below
  • Instead of cutting the end of the wire and gluing it to the back of the ring
  • Do This: Twist wire around the ring sized loop to finish it off (glue or tuck in place)

This will give you the twisted wire finished ring. 

Looking top down at the twisted wire on the diy jewelry flower ring with nail polish DearCreatives.com

When your done you can use a QTip and Fingernail Polish Remover to clean up the wire (stay away from your painted flower) The more you make them the easier they are to do. 

handmade flower ring on pretty shredded paper in a container for a gift, diy at DearCreatives.com

Then you are ready to wear it or gift it! 

DIY Jewelry - Have you ever wanted to try to make jewelry at home? Find this easy to make wired flower ring and more diy jewelry at DearCreatives.com #wirejewelry #diy #crafts #homemade #jewelry #flower #nailpolish

Need more help making wire jewelry? 

Happy Crafting! 

DIY Flower Wire Ring 

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