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Maurice Sendak + Where The Wild Things Are Inspired Arts & Crafts

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Dear Creatives, I am reserving my craft post for another day to celebrate a life of someone who touched my childhood & who through his books has touched my children’s childhoods & hopefully their children’s. Maybe as many of you heard or read Maurice Sendak author, artist & illustrator died yesterday. For those of you who do not know his name maybe you will recognize some of the children’s books he has written one of the most famous Where The Wild Things Are, A Kiss For Little Bear…. in a long list of books too long to mention. {see bottom of post for more about him} His stories are so loved by many. His illustrations & words conjure up ideas far beyond the imagination holding no one captive. In honor of Maurice Sendak I have rounded up some crafty ideas all taken from a planted seed {idea} gone wild. I am also going to share a video I thought you might enjoy seeing.


Dawn DawnyPoo.blogspot

Where The Wild Things Are Tutorial & free hat pattern

A wild thing hoodie that was made for a children’s party


A decorated train case with Where The Wild Things Are images.

A Wild Things Inspired craft bag Tutorial by Courtney Russel


A two year old’s birthday party, table decor, party treats along with ideas look at what Nikki created. Nikki also created a post dedicated to him, but had only a week prior posted her Where The Wild Things Are Party. You can get lost in her party images as if you were reading the book.

You must read this article from an interview with Maurice Sendak to see why I posted it & it’s being shared via NPR Books



To find out more about Maurice Sendak

A great article & obituary about Maurice Sandak from Comics Alliance

& if you are ready to walk on the wild side & see more things inspired Where The Wild Things Are:

Fashions & Fashion Show

Bento- Food {kids would love} & Food

Wild Inspired Beds {adults will love}

I’ll always keep a copies of Maurice Sendak’s books in my home & I hope if you haven’t read any of his books you will! I promise you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to go read a book to a child or just for yourself today!

For you, What was the most special part about reading books when you were a kid?

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  1. I love Mr. Sendaks books as a kid, but enjoy reading them to my daughters more! What a great round-up you have, thanks!
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