St.Patrick’s Day Felt Clovers Hoop Art

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Do you enjoy doing felt crafts? We do, and today’s St.Patrick’s Day craft. We made felt hoop art with clovers. It’s a no-sew project with minimal supplies needed.

Don’t worry if you can’t draw you can take an image of a four-leaf clover, and put it onto a window to trace. Or print, and cut out the shapes. This is a fun, and easy 30 minutes to 1-hour crafts project. First, you need to paint your hoop or buy one painted. Optionally you could use a permanent ink pen to color your hoop.

  • See the supplies, and tutorial for this felt craft project below. 

The hoop I used is a mini oval hoop but, you can use any size you have or purchase. Just make sure to have enough felt for your project. I had leftover wool felt but, you can use craft store felt too. 

St.Patrick’s Day Felt Hoop Art 

Crafts Spring DIY Crafts Project St. Patricks Day Hoop Craft Project

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Craft supplies

Crafts Spring St. Patricks Day Hoop Craft

Crafts Spring: St. Patrick’s Day Directions; 

  1. Paint your wood hoop, or purchase a colored embroidery hoop.
  2. Next dry with a heat gun or air dry.
  3. Then enclose felt into the hoop.
  4. Flip over and cut off the excess. 
  5. I cut my felt clovers out freehand but, I have included an image you can take to PicMonkey and re-size to the size you need and gently trace it off your computer screen or place on a window to trace it. recolor, print & trace. To draw one freehand just make little heart shapes meeting at the center point then bring the line down for the stem. 
  6. Then carefully follow the top edge of the hoop adding your glitter glue paint and let dry completely. 
  7. When fully dry cut ribbon or twine string for hanging. 
  8. Loop the string through the hoop adjusters, and tie at the top. 
  9. Now it’s ready to hang. 

Crafts Spring | St. Patricks Day Clover Template

I hope you enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day craft idea.

Crafts Spring | St. Patricks Day Clover Hoop Craft DIY Project

Do you celebrate St.Patrick’s Day? What types of spring crafts do you enjoy? 

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