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You all know how I love fashion and good causes well it wasn’t hard to say yes to spreading the word about this cause: Fashion Project, Force For Good. This project is helping women feel better who have cancer by helping them deal with their appearance-related side effects from cancer and treatment. Let me share more about this great cause and why Fashion Project has so much meaning to me. 

Fashion Project is where people can donate fashions. The fashions are re sold. A portion of the net profits from every item sold is going to the donor’s charity of choice. The Look Good Feel Better boutique is on FashionProject.com They feature almost new or new clothing and accessories. Items range from clothes to shoes, handbags and jewelry. Everything has been donated. These items are donated by members of the Look Good Feel Better and Fashion Project communities, celebrities, and designers.

Fashion Project: Helping Women With Cancer!

Fashions and Accessories:

Below is a sample of the “Just In” merchandise. I put this style fashion board together to give you a glimpse at what is offered. There are pages of options, price points and styles to pick from! 

Fashion Project Fashion as a force for good Fashion selections


  • 25% off your purchase of $50 or more on FashionProject.com to use and share with your friends. Code valid May 18th-21st: CREATIVES25

I remember being a young girl and losing my best friend. Then as a teen I had a friend fought the cancer battle and won. Too many times I’ve heard of someone I know who is or was battling with cancer. My daughter’s first experience with seeing someone with cancer was shopping in a grocery store. She was three, innocent and blunt with how she spoke to people. She asked the cancer victim, “why don’t you have hair?” We stopped as she answered and spoke to us. Before leaving I offered her all the hope and encouragement I could. Then we went our separate ways. What if you or I could do more for someone with cancer?

Fashion Project: Helping Women With Cancer!

The Look Good Feel Better Program And Boutique

Today I’m sharing that you can help! The Look Good Feel Better program is a program to help people with cancer address the appearance-related side effects of their treatment. Like loss of hair. It also includes free workshops focusing on lessons on cosmetics, skin and nail care, wigs, turbans, accessories, and wardrobe. 

Fashion Project | Look Good Feel Good Helping Women with Cancer

Right now! Anyone who is willing to help can shop Look Good Feel Better Boutique and / or donate like-new women’s designer clothing and accessories to the boutique from now until June 7

They have reached $4,143. of their $25,000. goal for Look Good Feel Better. Let’s help them get there! If you are like me and cancer has touched your life in some way I encourage you to donate and / or shop to help them reach the goal! 

Below are the resources for you to help make a difference in someone’s life today.

  • Remember take the code for 25% off your purchase of $50 or more on FashionProject.com valid May 18th-21st: CREATIVES25
  • Yes, you can help past June 7th if you come across this post later. But, it might not be for this specific fund raiser that’s happening. Don’t let the date stop you from helping! If you can help prior to June 7th hear my applause for a great way to support women fighting cancer now. 

You can also find out how they help other’s too besides women. They have programs for teens, men and an international program. See the resources below to support this worthy cause and find out all the different ways you can help!   

Fashion Project Fashion as a force for good

 Fashion Project: Helping Women With Cancer!

LookGoodFeelBetter And The Fashion Project:

Look Good Feel Better

Fashion Project

Do you know someone who has battled cancer or is, lost or survived?

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    1. I agree. I never knew about this and am so glad I had the chance to share it. Having support, help and love are what these brave women need to encourage them to keep positive & fighting.

  2. What a great way to bring some awareness to this cause. I lost my father to cancer, so I know how trying it is for these women affected by it and their families. Thanks for sharing this:)

    1. Hi Joanna, Sorry to hear you lost your dad to cancer. Your very welcome. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, comment and share.

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