20 Spring Fashion Ideas – Styles To Wear

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Spring is almost here and I couldn’t be happier. Until I reach into my closet or drawers to pick out an outfit to wear. I mentioned before, I was shopping for what to wear this spring. Well, here are 20 Spring Fashion Ideas and styles to wear this spring!

These are just a few of the things I’m crushing on. I love updating my wardrobe for spring. Don’t you? I typically get a few new basics, update my accessories with a quality purse and sandals… I just talked to Sammie the other day. She’s at college and already looking for swimwear.

20 Spring Fashion Ideas

Spring Fashions - Ideas for what to wear this spring. DearCreatives.com

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Styles To Wear This Spring

Spring Fashions Favs

Here’s what to get and what to wear for spring; a new purse, a new swimsuit, sandals, a pair of jeans, a few new tops, a couple of pairs of shorts (including basics, like these jean shorts), a sweatshirt, and of course at least one spring dress! You can see our favorites below!

Spring Purses

Purses for spring - It is always good to get the latest purses wear. See our favorites for spring. DearCreatives.com
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  1. This pink satchel is perfect if you are looking to invest in a purse to last for years and years! And this pink satchel is budget-friendly, yet super cute!
  2. I love pretty belted shorts like this. You can dress them up or down. Grab a pair of cute striped shorts like this. Or find so many styles of shorts here.
  3. I think you will love pairing your jeans, skirts, and shorts with this bell sleeve v-neck shirt. It comes in so many colors and prints.
  4. Or try a tie knot front blouse like this. It can be equally as flattering. Or hop over here where you can pick from so many spring tops.
  5. Another place I love finding clothes for spring – spring clothes Target.

Spring Dresses

women's sweatshirt, jeans and chucks - spring outfit ideas
Butter Soft California Wave Hoodie Perfect for beach days!

If you live on the west coast, we live in layers. It can be cold in the morning but, by the afternoon it can be warm. Light jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, and zipper jackets are a must. But, no matter where you live there is nothing like a good, soft hoodie. I’m still loving fuzzy hoodies/sweatshirts like this.

nail wraps for spring
Nail Wraps For Spring

Don’t forget a good manicure and pedicure will enhance your spring style! Have you tried nail wraps yet? I’m dying to get some! Right now, I’m totally loving all the OPI pink nail polish colors.

This week’s favorites for spring include dresses, basics like neutral colored t-shirts, pretty lace tops, and swimwear and cover-ups for at the pool!

(Shop here for all your spring needs!)

This Week’s Favorites

summer nail wraps

This week’s favorite fashion finds!

Slit dress for summer - casual and comfy to wear

Today’s Hot Deals!

Crossbody bag with tassel
Kimonos for women

Find more fashions to love!

Shop Jane

What’s your number one item to replace this spring in your wardrobe?

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