Leopard Print Fashion

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Leopard Print Fashion. Back in style & yet never went away.

Leopard Print Eyeshadow


In the mood for leopard print
Marianna Lentini

Leopard Print

Leopard Feetsies.

Kym Ellis

Leopard print is back and better than ever~ Oh, but if you prefer you can find some retro Leopard print too! You can find Leopard print just about everywhere right now! If you have anything Leopard you should never get rid of it! It will come in style again and again. Whether you wear it in your hair, as makeup, carry your little bag, jump into your sassy pumps to rain boots or down to your toes with socks, it will rein again! And again!
One reason why is Leopard print has always been a fabric or back then fur associated with status, but only becoming popular in the 1960’s in America. Does that ring a bell for anyone?

Well all I know is that I love, love, love it and so do my girls! My favorite fall leopard item this year is this pair of rain boots by Chloe~ I can see myself in theoutfit hiking over to pick up Sammie from school on any rainy day. But wait if that doesn’t suit you just follow this fashion link to Leopard Print Fashions 2010a mere 4million images to choose from! And if you think this Leopard stops at this post~ U mm, think again I might have some crafty and decoration inspiration coming to you soon via Leopard print! What is your favorite fall fashion this year? I am waiting to hear! If you have something really sassy to show me don’t forget to leave the link~

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