How To Style Your Home On A Budget Must Have Home Decor Ideas And Tips

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Are you updating your home décor? Recently I started a list of a few must have home décor ideas that consisted of accent pieces, and furniture that we need to update. Today I am sharing more ideas, and tips for how you can style your home on a budget.

I feel like my list is growing after window shopping. Does that ever happen to you? You come home, and suddenly you see everything that is dated, worn or just needs replacing. Especially, having kids, and pets. 

How To Style Your Home On A Budget

Home decor ideas; modern, chic, styles that are on point with trends, and budget friendly. Grab tips, and how to style your home on a budget. Must see ideas at

Priories people! Make a list like I did, and get your must haves. I’ve made a small list of must have now, want to have, and future needs (for items that need a bigger budget). Who doesn’t like a stylish home? Are you like me with a big list, and average budget? Let me share how we are going to style our home on a budget, and how you can too. 

Our dining set has seen better days, and the seats already recovered by me (long, long, long ago, and now dated). But, between kids knocking over our pub style chairs and two of the chair backs breaking. We have gone from 8 to 6 chairs. So, yes a dining set is on our list. Sets can be expensive. But, mix and match might be the answer. I love the idea of a round table with a leaf, making it an oval for when company comes. 

Chic and stylish home furniture

I’d love to pair it with a bench seating or armless loveseat, and several chairs. I need options from going from 3 to seating up 12. Being able to use the extra seating such as the bench or love seat for our open concept living room – dining space, would be a solution for when chairs aren’t needed at the table. This is the one I ended up putting in my cart, a Mid Century Modern, and these stackable chairs

Being on a budget I have to do a little planning to make the bigger pieces happen. But, I promise to keep you posted as I update key pieces, and change our home’s dining – living rooms. 

How to style your home on a budget?

Do you want to update your home’s furniture, style, and décor accent pieces too? One way is by shopping good sales at the right time. And getting bonus discounts. I’m super excited about this sale below, as I already have items in my cart. Who doesn’t like getting a kick back, bonus? 

Don’t despair if you miss this special “extra bonus” discount, you can still check out the sales, and deals on home décor. Below are more tips to help create the stylish home of your dreams. 

Are you looking for trendy, stylish home deor ideas Check out these chic home decor ideas on a budget. Plus tips for styling your home on a budget. You will love these ideas at DearCreatives.comMy favorite style trends for the home; 

 10 Easy Ways To Style Your Home on a Budget;

  1. Throw pillows
  2. Area Rugs
  3. In bedrooms; Swap out your bedding quilts or comforters
  4. Add a faux fur throw
  5. Update lamps, lighting or floor lamp
  6. Update your tableware
  7. Seasonal Table Cloths
  8. Add an ottoman or love seat to your décor
  9. Update your curtains
  10. Add plants or faux plants to your home

Another way to add chic style to your home is by adding more light while updating your home’s décor with wall, home mirrors. They not only add a stylish look to your home they will help illuminate window or lamp lighting. This is perfect for darker rooms, fall or winter months. 

You might like to check out Project 62 Modern Pieces for Everyday Living. You’ll find most all the suggestions above, and more home decor at great pricing. 

home office decor

New here? Subscribe. Stay tuned for my home décor DIY, and other do it yourself home décor tips. Who else is ready to update your home décor, and shop the sale?

What rooms are you looking at styling right now? 

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