Simple Reupholstry of Dining Chairs

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Chair pads in need of help!
Fabric found at a yard sale on a bolt~ ( and cheap!!)
Tools you need~
Pinning and Trimmings
The final look~

It really isn’t that hard to redo dining chairs. Here’s a simple tutorial for you~
You need:
Staple gun and staples

First flip over your chair and unscrew the seat. If seat is not worn out it is very simple to cover. Measure your fabric plus add 3-4 ” to each side for folding, allowing for trimming and lining up if you have stripes.
Cut your measured squares. From fabric.
Place material right over chair pad and line up fabric not pulling too tightly if you have stripes.
Pin your fabric in place on the top side all around edges of chair pad.
Flip over chair pad and tuck under edges after cutting off excess on the bottom of chair pad and pin in place all around chair pad. ( don’t forget to pull corners tight, cut off excess and fold under seams)
Once all pinned double check how front/top looks prior to stapling.
If you are happy with the look~ Staple in place. Watch out for any prior nails/ staples if going over a cover without removing!
When you are done, screw back the chair pad in place! It is worth trying if you have never done it! That is it! I did eight dining chairs in about 3 1/2 hours on a rainy day!

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