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Dear Creatives, Its Monday! Raining, storming, thunder, lightening & much needed rain. It is also my birthday! I made a few boards with a new site I discovered. The site I discovered was Olioboard. No I didn’t go & sign up for Pro this time, not yet anyway! But, love it! The Pro just seems a bit out of my price range at about $108. per year, right now with trying to stay in a budget. So far the free is great, very similar to Polyvore & I can’t wait to learn more about the site, along with it’s features. I thought I would share a birthday board- mood board that I created.

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In the next board are some things I am loving for our kitchen remodel. If the Mr. ever decides to start. lol He has a serious love affair with his garage & music gear. You know the creative types that forge their own, pushing their own creativity while getting around to it at some point. I just might have to start myself with the cabinets…. Any way enough of that, let me just show you!

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I am still hooked on trying a nice mossy green & having lots of lime, cream & pops of red, along with blue in the kitchen. I am not afraid of color. In fact I don’t think there is a room in the house that doesn’t celebrate color in some way. Heaven help us when it’s time to move on! Toning down our colors to make it neutral for the next person. Be sure to click the images to see the details you can do.

It was so fun I thought I would try a quick living room. I wanted to angle the chest on the left, but couldn’t quite figure it out. I found all the images on their site & it even shows where you can shop for the items, along with their price. So if you are remodeling or designing a room this is a super great tool. I am hoping to design a bathroom & work more on the kitchen at some point. I think it will help pull our ideas together for the work that is needed on the house.

Well, I today I am hoping to work on a little sewing project & start to read the Hunger Games (so I can see the movie soon!)  since I spent the weekend catching up. I hope to share it with you when I am done. I’ll spend a quiet day while Sammie is at school & the Mr. at work. Then an early dinner & maybe a movie. If it hadn’t of rained so strongly we might have gone out yesterday, but put it on hold.

You can check out the site Olioboard, but I can’t promise that you won’t get hooked! Especially if you are into design or decor! If you go Pro they have colour scheme, text & budget tool. They have been around awhile, but are new to me. Have you heard of this or used it already?

Now, why don’t you join my link-up! Anything goes, so join in! I’d love to see what you have been up to! & Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a great scrap-booking software.

Do you like doing enjoy using programs like Olioboard or Polyvore?

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    1. Your welcome! It is & a great tool for gathering your colour & decor ideas. Thanks for popping in!

  1. Hi Eleni, It is I have created a few boards, but want to get a few done for some work we are planning on the house with a small budget, so I look forward to using & might even go pro with it just for a month or two while we are at the design stage of the project. Let me know if you try it!

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