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Dorm Room Decor Ideas

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Are you getting ready to set up a dorm room? We are getting ready to decorate a dorm room and getting dorm room essentials for my daughter that she will need for college. I thought you can use these dorm room decor ideas if you have a girl heading to college too.

In 6 weeks we’ll be moving in Sam to her dorm room, the countdown to college life has begun. The checklists are made, the ideas are pinned, and now is time for getting all the dorm room decor and essentials ready for her move to college. 

The goal is to create a cheery space, filled with the things she needs to be comfortable and keep her space organized and clean. 

Dorm Room Decor Ideas 

Dorm Room Decor Ideas - Dorm Room Essentials - A list of useful items for dorm rooms and dorm room ideas girl - DearCreatives.com


Dorm room decor and dorm room essentials. All colleges have a standard college master list of what to bring to college. But, picking things for the dorm room that are not only useful but, in your style will make your space yours. Many of these items are on the college list of must-haves and some are extras to make a dorm room her happy place. 

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Dorm Room Decor

  1. Bed In A Bag 5 piece bed set, available in several styles and colors
  2. Planter Set With Artificial Cactus
  3. Acrylic Headphone Holders  This Headphone stand also has a cell phone stand, cable organizing and the clear will go with any dorm desk decor. This is another stand we liked in a sleek design with wood. 
  4. Desk Organizer in Rose Gold (available in 2 sizes)
  5. Stackable Metal Tray (Wire Desk File Sorter, Binder Holder, Book Holder) Or This 9 Slot Organizer one shaped like a triangle, in rose gold or…
  6. LED Desk Lamp (Dimmable)With USB Port
  7. Decorative Throw Blanket This throw blanket comes in lots of colors. 
  8. A Cute Cotton Linen Wall Organizer – Comes in polka dots or blue stripes. 
  9. Dreamcatcher like this, or this Dreamcatcher. Then get fairy lights to illuminate it, as shown in the second one. which comes with fairy lights for stringing. 
  10. A Diffuser not only looks pretty but, makes the room smell nice. 

Shop for more dorm room decor and ideas with this College Dorm Room Essentials List this list of essentials is for teen girls and teen boys heading to college. 

Dorm Room - Dorm Room Ideas Target

Dorm Room Essentials 

  1. Bed Sheets 
  2. Gwen Hot Pink Animal Print Comforter Set 
  3. Bath Towels and Bath Towel Sets
  4. Bathmat
  5. Laundry Bag -Backpack Duffle
  6. Lingerie Bags (for washing underwear, bras, and gentles)
  7. Hangers
  8. Mini Fridge
  9. Microwave 
  10. Amazon – Bamboo Small Dish set
  11. Target – Dish Set for 1
  12. Target – Small Utensils Set
  13. Step on Trash Can with Lid
  14. Utility Cart – It comes in several colors.
  15. Cute, whimsical and fun Banana Book Ends 
  16. Letterboard 

Shop Back To College – and see all Dorm Room Ideas at Target.

  1. Cozy Dorm Room Collection
  2. Dorm Room Livingroom Collection

These items are actually in our Target cart right now! Seriously, Starting July 12th, Target is featuring great deals! We’ll be stocking up and saving at the same time. You can too! 

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Shop DearCreatives Dorm Room Essentials List on Amazon 

I can’t wait to share our dorm room haul with you! Watch for our free dorm room checklist coming soon!

Who’s heading to college? You or someone you know?


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