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New Kitten Shopping List – Tips+Essentials Printable

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Are you getting a new kitten or rescue kitten? We recently adopted a Siamese kitty. I had to get a few kitten essentials to care for him. I thought I would share the new kitten shopping list.

We shared on Instagram when we adopted our twin black cats from the shelter. And how one didn’t make it. So we’ve had it in our hearts to allow this kitten who needed a home his a forever home. We named our new kitten Chai. Maybe you saw him in our stories? Our house is full now, with 4 cats and two dogs. Do you have pets?

Tips For Kittens

Whether this is your first time kitty or not here are tips for making introductions with your other pets; (Introducing your kitten to your other cats ), (How to introduce your kitten to your dog). I think that these tips and essentials for kittens will help you!

Kittens need to be safe, loved, cared for, played with… And make sure to make your kitty stays healthy by visiting a Vet.

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What To Get A New Kitty Kitten Essentials - New Kitten Shopping List and printable at DearCreatives.com

What To Get For A New Kitten

New Kitten Shopping List

  1. Have a kitten too young for kibble? Get kitten formula (kitten milk replacer). This will supplement their diet. Or use it until they start eating kitten food. (Our kitty Chai was on formula at first)
  2. Kitten food.
  3. We got a water container/water dispenser like this. And a food bowl like this it’s smaller, oval and has a cute kitty face.
  4. As he gets bigger you can get a cat bowl like this one for food and one for water.
  5. A litter box. We have a few cats (and tried a lot of litter boxes) and our favorite cat box is PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Little Box (and worth every penny)! I don’t have cat sand everywhere anymore or odors in my laundry room from the traditional cat boxes. You can get cat litter replacement trays. Or buy this cat tray (insert) and cat litter like this. Best buy for our cats ever, seriously!
  6. Cat Toys – 21 piece Cat Toys Set was a deal! Oh, my gosh he loves it. The cat tunnel in the set is the biggest hit!
  7. Hand down a cat wand with feathers are a kittens favorite toy. And a scratching post.
  8. Kitty Bed – This cat bed is like a cushy cave and he love it! I love the cute print. It has 2 print choices.
  9. A portable foldable pet play pen! Play pens for pets are perfect for keeping your kitty safe. And letting your other pets meet your new addition to the family. Use it for taking your kitty outdoors. Works great for traveling. It’s durable and portable. Our kitten still plays in his play pen.
  10. Pet Carrier (this is like ours and has a hard exterior, we use it for our small dog Luna too) and a soft shell like this pet carrier. Either one is a must for taking your kitten to the vets and for traveling.

Free Printable

Are you preparing to get a new kitten? Grab and print this Kitten Essentials – New Kitten Shopping List (Printable)

Printable New Kitten Shopping List - A list of essentials you will need for your new kitten. Print it and shop online or in the store with the list. DearCreatives.com
Free Printable – List of essentials for a new kitten

Your kitties will love these!

  1. Optional toys for when kitty is growing is a cat tracks toy (enables cats to play with balls inside a track).
  2. All our cats favorite cat treats! Yes, they are spoiled. But, treats can also be used for training kittens.

Tips For Over Playful Kittens

What to do if your kitten bites and scratches?

Give your kitten all the essentials and love! Be sure to train them not to bite, and scratch you. To correct your kitten’s bad behavior, hold your hand still (they love a moving target). Plus, a simple ouch verbally from you. If necessary give your kitten a time-out. This should cure the kitten’s biting and scratching habits. (bad behavior). Never spank or hurt your kitty. YouTube has great videos for dealing with any problems that may arise. Talk to your Vet for suggestions if needed. 3 cats’ behavior problems solved.

Kitten Essentials

You might need all the things on the list (all at once). You will need these kitten essentials all listed above!

  • Food and Water containers.
  • Cat Litter box and Kitty Litter.
  • A few toys and scratching pad.
  • You can get a bed or make a kitty bed with a flatter pillow and a small blanket.
  • A Pet carrier is a must-have too. You will be taking it to the Vets for check-ups and shots.

Do you have a family pet or pets? Do you prefer cats or dogs or love them equally?

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