Patriotic Wreath – Red, White and Blue Wreath

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Are you ready to make a Patriotic Wreath? I was on the fence of what type of summer wreath I wanted to make. I happened to stop by our local Dollar Store for a few things for Sammie’s summer party when I spotted red, white and blue mesh and a few other floral supplies. I grabbed the supplies for the wreath tossed them into the cart. I remember thinking I saw several ways to make a mesh wreath, so why not give it a try. Typically I like making grapevine wreaths but, every now and again I love trying other ideas for wreath making. 

There are several ways to DIY patriotic wreaths, such as cutting strips of fabric, using bandanas, painted clothes pins… For this wreath, we used floral mesh and a wire frame to make the wreath. You just weave the mesh through the openings of the wreath. To decorate it I grabbed my red, white and blue stars I purchased last year and a patriotic bow. The bonus to making this patriotic door wreath is that it’s quick, easy, budget-friendly and fun. Perfect for a last minute wreath. 

Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath - how to make a red, white and blue wreath. Easy! Budget-friendly and fun to make. DearCreatives.com

Do you like decorating for the 4th of July? This is a fun and easy way to DIY 4th of July decorations but, this can be used for Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day or any other patriotic celebration. 

Patriotic Wreath DIY

Adding a bow to the mesh wreath. how-to instructions at DearCreatives.com

How to make a patriotic wreath

Yield: 1 Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath

Patriotic Wreath - See how to make this quick, easy and fun to make wreath. Use it for patriotic holidays or as a summer wreath. DearCreatives.com

Make a Patriotic Wreath. This is a quick, easy and budget friendly red, white and blue wreath. Great for hanging in your home or use it for a Patriotic door wreath. Made with a wire frame and mesh. Super easy!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Additional Time 10 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost 15.00


  1. Grab your supplies on Amazon or at your local Dollar Store.
    Supplies for making a patriotic wreath. Wire floral frame, floral mesh, patriotic ribbon, stars in red, white and blue. See instructions at DearCreatives.com
  2. Cover the table you will work on with a piece of board or cloth.
  3. Unpack-age your supplies.
    Begin making the wreath by wiring the mesh to the floral wire frame. DIY at DearCreatives.com
  4. Begin by wiring floral wire or use chenille stems to wire your mesh to the wire frame. Twist tie and cut off excess.
    Weaving floral mesh in and out of the wire frame, while making loops to create the patriotic wreath. DearCreatives.com
  5. Weave in and out of wire frame, (through the frame openings, as shown in video.) while making a loop about 3 inches each time. While keeping them pushed together.
    red mesh pulled through wire frame to make a patriotic wreath. Instructions at © 2019 DearCreatives.com
  6. When you have woven through the first 3 sets, twist mesh and go through opposite direction. Continue these steps until all the mesh is used of your one color. (or follow the video doing four rows and switching colors)
  7. Repeat this process for each color of mesh, or each roll if using a tri-color mesh.
    Wire the different colors or sections of mesh wreath together and continue to loop through wire frame. DearCreatives.com
  8. I connected each color or end of mesh with wire to the new color mesh before continuing to loop and weave.
    Looping white mesh through frame continuing to build loops as you go along. DearCreatives.com
  9. Continue weaving in and out until your wreath is full of fluffy loops. When your wire frame is full of mesh loops, tie off end of the mesh with wire.
  10. Cut excess wire and cover or push to back of frame. Fluff, adjust and shape as needed.
    Adding a patriotic bow to the red, white
  11. Add any bows, stars or embellishments to your wreath by hot gluing them in place, to make it festive.
    Adding red, white and blue stars to the Patriotic wreath. How -to at © 2019 DearCreatives.com
  12. Tada!
    Patriotic Wreath - See how to make this quick, easy and fun to make wreath. Use it for patriotic holidays or as a summer wreath. DearCreatives.com
  13. You are done.


There are several tutorials on You Tube. Some cut the mesh and create different looks. I enjoyed how quick and easy it is to use this method. This makes the perfect patriotic wreath and last minute patriotic decorations.

The total cost may vary depending on supplies you purchase and where you purchase them. But, even if you get supplies at Amazon this is a very budget friendly wreath. Not all Dollar Stores have the supplies.

Time may vary by skill level.

If you want an even fuller look grab 2 rolls of each color! (Our store was out and I got mine back in May!)

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Another helpful video for this technique (how to make a Patriotic Mesh Wreath)

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