My Family Mobile Perfect for Families & Holiday Giving While Saving!

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Remember about a month ago when I wanted to get Sammie a mobile phone, but I didn’t want to pay the high prices that come along with them. I picked MyFamily Mobile from Walmart. I wanted to give her a holiday gift early that was needed with the changes for her entering middle school, you can read all about it here from my #cbias #FamilyMobileSaves previous post. I wanted to also be able to manage our family’s holiday plans & travels without worrying about the added expenses of adding a phone line to my already expensive service. This is the best wireless plan I have ever found!

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I am grateful that we picked MyFamily Mobile not only has it saved us money but, it has given me piece of mind when things come up. Like the time I was running late due to an appointment, needed Sammie to know I was going to be late & just to walk down to the park with her friends where I’d pick her up. There are times when she has wanted to look at items shopping but, I needed to get something in a different department close by. With her having a phone if we somehow got separated from the meeting spot & time we found each other easily from having phone access. This will be perfect when we are in a busy department store or holiday shopping during the upcoming holidays.


This Thanksgiving & Christmas we will be visiting family out of town. Often times Sammie stays with one of her older siblings. When she does it will be nice to be able to call her or her call us as needed without waking up her sibling s or if there is an emergency & she needs to get ahold of me. Sammie has been super excited with her early Christmas gift.

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The best part the first months of the #FamilyMobileSaves bill is that it was only $20. for unlimited calling & text! You heard me right! Unlimited Plans! Seriously this is the best plan for the price & we have been super happy with it. The calls are clear, messaging fast & online or access is available 24-7 through Walmart Family Mobile & their online acccount management & information at

Funny thing is I can’t keep her off her phone. During this holiday photo shoot for sharing photos with family that can’t be with us Sammie had her phone & it kept ringing with calls & buzzing with texts. I admit we were doing the photo shoot just after school so all her friends wanted to catch up with her. But, one thing I didn’t have to worry about or be bothered by was the fact that there is unlimited calls & messaging! I just had to wait, lol.

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Of course she wanted to personalize her phone with her newest retro cool obession of Hello Kitty! For me what’s great is being able to focus on our holiday plans knowing that when times get really busy I don’t have to worry about connecting with my tween if she’s at a friends house for a holiday gathering , if I’m running late or we are somewhere where we need to meet up at a specific time. No matter what’s going on we’ll be able to stay on top of our busy holdiay season now that she is connected with a great phone service with unlimited call & text making this one Cheap Wireless Plan.

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Finally she set down her phone & I was able to get some holiday shots for the family! I can’t wait to share the rest of them later with you.You might like to see service plans & offerings for yourself you can visit Walmart Family Mobile

Have you ever considered switching your cell plan service? Or giving a cell phone as a holiday gift?

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  1. I’ve used Straight Talk from WalMart for quite awhile with little hassle. I’d definitely consider switching to the Family Plan if necessary. 🙂

    1. Hi Lydia, I know I am considering switching. If I do I calculated that I’d save $80. a month! On mine alone! I could go to a blog conference or vacation with the savings.

  2. I have thought about switching plans. This looks like one that may be good for us. Our kids keep getting older and wanting phones 🙂

    1. Hi Britni, I’m not ready for her to be on her own but if shes pretty close by & with a phone I feel better about her looking around. Sometimes we travel to the city & it can get really crowded during the holidays. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. My husband gave me a new phone for Christmas last year–and he was so smart about it. We both have separate plans with different carriers (from our single days), and my mom is also on my plan. Not only did he think through it enough to go to my cell store, he put the new phone under my mom’s number (she knew about it) so that I wouldn’t be alerted, but would be able to use it right out of the box (since I could do the switching/set-up online). 🙂

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