Autumn Leaves Falling Velvet Fabric Pumpkins Decor & DIY

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There are some things I just am so inspired by at fall time. The cooling weather, being able to take long walks & photographing nature with all it’s changing colors. Another thing I love is being able to finally sit down & get to projects I have pinned or eyed for some time, but for one reason or another never got to them. Today’s velvet pumpkins are one of those projects! I’ll be sharing where to find the diy’s that will have you whipping up your own in less than one hour! Which means you can still add a few to your table or side table decor in no time flat!

Autumn_ Velvet _Pumpkins_Theresa Huse 2013

Yes, I have seen many of these tutorials over the past few years of the lovely fabric pumpkins. Some plucking stems right from the pumpkin patch to use, others using twigs or creating the stem with fabric. Wrapped in ribbons, tied with bows. The tutorials are in abundance as the leaves falling from the trees.

Autumn_Velvet_Pumpkins_ Twigs and Twine_Theresa Huse 2013

These velvet pumpkins are rather easy to make. Not a stitch done on the machine as I used an old pair of my favorite pajamas by cutting sections off & hand gathering tying off the inside a little flip & stuff. You’d never know. Good-bye plush velvet pjs hello plush velvet pumpkins!

Autumn_Velvet_Pumpkin_ Fall_Leaves_Theresa Huse 2013

Then gather the top again. Pulling tight but, prior to closing adding the stem pushed deep inside. Stems cut a bit longer than you want them popping out. A tug & a knot, with a burlap colored twine to tie. Then your velvet pumpkins are all set to display or put in a basket with some other goodies as a hostess gift. Like the one I made the other day, that I’ll be adding some to.(Post)

Fall_ Leaves_Theresa Huse 2013

Now I have a bit of autumn on my mantel in a velvet, blue in color, textured with twine I love. Reminding me of the deep blue sky, green leaves turning yellow &  branches getting a bit brittle with age. Waiting to lose all their leaves until spring returns for renewal.

I decided not to make my own. Maybe I will when I make some more, but until then here is a  list a few tutorials just in case you want to add a little autumn magic to your home. Use these diy’s to create yourself a velvet, cotton fabric & maybe even a wood pumpkin or two.

Check out any of these tutorials or visit my Pinterest board for more ideas on uses of fabrics & where you can find some more step by step diy instructions! Happy pumpkin making.

Have you made fabric pumpkins?

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    1. Hi Kallee, Not the traditional fall colors but, goes with our decor & will extend season into winter. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment.

    1. I’ll miss my pj’s, but loved putting them to use rather than buying crushed velvet fabric + they were ready to toss or re-purpose. We’ll see what’s next.

    1. Hi Tonia, I have a few fall paper banners I made, these pumpkins & 1 project I have yet to share. For being my favorite time of year that equals not much. lol Hope you get a chance to make some seriously doesn’t take any time at all.

  1. love your velvet pumpkins – what a great idea! I am a hand knitter and was thinking of knitting a few, but this looks even cuter.

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for dropping by! Thank you. I agree I almost didn’t want to cut them up. But, I need a new pair the elastic was getting worn from all the washings.

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