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It’s my daughter’s first year at middle school with that said a whole new set of  things to deal with. One big one is that pick up time is a problem I have to park several blocks away. There are 3 schools within blocks of each other, congestion & chaos. Can you imagine? A small town yet, hundreds of cars in a small radius. Yet I am over protective too. I wasn’t going to let her walk down to the park, past  houses, apartments & over five blocks away to pick her up but, a compromise was found! Meet only two blocks away & give here a cell phone for emergencies. Which meant getting the best wireless unlimited plan that was affordable!
Adding her to my current plan isn’t affordable, especially getting her a smart phone & still having money left  for the holidays. (my unlimited wireless plan is with a big popular company but, prices keep going up & I lost my discount, but thats a whole other story! ) Let’s just say cha ching! Cha Ching!! Sammie always was getting her hands on my cell phone this past summer.


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Some of the biggest reasons I wanted a cell phone & unlimited plan  for her:
  • Any emergency that came up!
  • To be able to call for help!
  • If I was running late  to be able to let her know (we live in another town away from school)
  • She has to do something after school & forgot to tell me (like meet a friend to give them project, talk with a teacher…)
  • She constantly has friends texting my phone!
  • Her friends constantly emailing her on my phone!
  • She was constantly using my phone everywhere!

Being able to get a phone & service that is affordable is super important to me! Especially when you are on a budget & want the best wireless plan! Plus I want to spend money on other things & not cell phone services!! Before you know it the holidays will be here & having that extra money a month is helpful!

I was super excited to be able to find a way to afford a phone with affordable service & to give her a bit of independance. Shhh, an early holiday gift! Your not going to believe how easy & affordable it was with Walmart Family Mobile Saves rate plans! (you can see the entire shopping experience here in my Google+Album & her surprised face when I told her) I decided to take Sammie with me, not telling her why we were going. (surprise!)

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#FamilyMobileSaves #shop_ phone and starter kit

We did pass by the counter with all the different companies, expensive phones & plans laid out all nicely on display.

Walmart phone counter #shop #familymobilesaves

My family is rather big, we all have been with one company or another at one time & ended up switching contracts, services. Except for me that is. But, none of us had ever tried Walmart Family Mobile until now! Let me just say it is so easy!! & affordable!!! The phone came with everything but, the Sim card which is sold in an easy to use starter kit for phone service $25. Details below;

#famlymobilesaves #shop phone

  • I picked the phone that suited her (Grab the phone that suits you) It was on rollback 50% off! & under $50.
  • Purchase a starter kit $25. (comes with sim card- activate & install into phone)
  • In store or online register & activate phone with sim card (we did it online at home, complete set up prompts only a few pages long)
  • Easy steps for adding all your info.
  • No Contracts!
  • Pick Service Unlimited Text & Talk $29.88 or Unlimited Text & Talk & Web $39.88 per mo
  • Now you can add up to five lines & get discounts if you need to!
  • If you qualify you can also get a lifeline discount (based on income & / or services you receive)
  • No Credit Checks Needed
  • Plans easily changed on website

girl with cell phone in hand_#familymobilesaves_#shop

Can I repeat No Contracts!! Let’s just say that I was totally suprised at the coverage areas especially because we are in a rural town & we have family across the country. On a side note: Alyssa the Walmart clerk asked us if we wanted to get a 2 year warranty for our phone (I expected it to be expensive!) It was $5. Of course I was considering one, its for a kid! Krissy dropped hers in a toilet once! Really! The Mr. jumped in a pool with his in his pocket! You know he’s slick! I’ve dropped mine! Can you image this beachy, sporty girl without a care plan? I can’t! But, I added it because of the price too affordable & two years coverage. As you can see from the moment it was activated & all her contacts were off my phone (thank goodness!) & into hers she’s been in text mode. Thank goodness for unlimited!

Let’s just say this early gift of #FamilyMobileSaves helped me solve my affordable phone service dilemma with these unlimited plans & make one tween (& mom) very, very happy, along with me having more money for the holidays! Thanks to #cbias for allowing me the opportunity to share my experience with you. Now, to rethink my plan & save! I could be saving over $84. a month by switching! Thats a whopping $1008. annually!! Which is a huge savings!

If you are interested in seeing for yourself visit

When did you let your kids get a cell phone? Have you ever thought of Walmart for your phone services?

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  1. I know what you mean – my kid takes a city bus to school, so he kind of has to have a phone if something happens. But now I worry all the time about him getting mugged for his phone! This looks like a great option when we return to the US next year!

    1. Hi Kelly, I would be on edge getting used to that. Although we did as kids times have changed. It is a great option. Thanks for stopping by & taking the time to comment.

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