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The Complete Guide To Food Photography – Book Review

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The Complete Guide To Food Photography book review. Do you have an interest in food photography? This book might just be a great addition to your library of books covering food photography. Or make a great gift for someone interested in how to improve their food photography. The book has beautiful images, tips, ideas, and challenges for ways to improve your skills when it comes to this subject.

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I received a hardback copy of the book for free to review. These are my honest opinions.

The Complete Guide To Food Photography

Book Review

The Complete Guide To Food Photography - Food Photography Book Review - DearCreatives.com

Who is the book for? Food photographers, want to be food photographers and foodies who want to improve their food photography camera skills for photographing food and drinks…

What’s in this food photography book?

How to improve your food photography

7 chapters and 228 pages of information, tips, and advice. Topics that include

  1. Lighting
  2. Composition
  3. Crafting a Story
  4. Editing and Processing
  5. Styling
  6. Case Studies (and putting it all together)
  7. Finding and Developing Your Style
  • The font size of the book is smaller text. This may be a negative for reading late at night. The photographs are beautiful. Plus, you can find challenges in the book. Once you have read the topics, put what you have read into practical use.
  • Lauren covers basics such as white balance. And her tips for setting custom white balance. She covers all aspects of lighting; front light, backlight, fill light… While she covers those topics, I’d say the book is for photographers who shoot with artificial lighting. There is a small section for shooting with natural light.
  • I loved the section about composition. It takes you from the basics to more in-depth composition techniques. There are plenty of photographs with diagrams to help you learn.
  • The book covers how to combine – colors—use of backgrounds and surfaces for photography. Then onto focal lengths and different camera lenses. How to create a food styling kit. And into styling tutorials.

Final Thoughts

The book, The Complete Guide To Food Photography

The book is packed with helpful information and challenges. It is available on Kindle or in hardback. And would make a beautiful gift for anyone interested in food photography. With that said, I think the book would be most beneficial to anyone who has basic knowledge of using a DSLR camera and has dabbled in photography or food photography already. The section with a lighting gear list and camera lens setup is minimal hence this might not be a beginner’s book. Yet, if you are looking for inspiration to keep you learning, pick through what helps you and enjoy learning through Laura’s images which are stunning. And by using her improvement skills tutorials. You can find lots of golden nuggets to help you!

Additionally, I found her YouTube channel – @LaurenCarisShort youtube channel. Where she has additional information and hours of video to go with the 8 case studies (and challenges) in the book. You can see her go from beginning to end on the food photo shoot. This is really helpful as you can see the photography work in action.

Improve Your Photography Skills

The Complete Guide To Food Photography - Food Photography Book Review - DearCreatives.com
  • Get the books like this.
  • Watch videos on food photography
  • Take a food photography course!
  • Practice, practice, practice!

If you are looking for a food photography course, I highly recommend taking the Pretty Focused Food Photography Course. Pop over to find out more! This will help you with the food photography basics, and/or get to the next level with your food photography. It covers all the basics and even has levels to take you to Pro food photographer. By using books, watching videos, taking courses, and practicing techniques. These practices all go hand in hand with improving your food photography. I’m currently enrolled in the course.

Let me know what types of photography you love. Tag me on social media @DearCreatives with your food photography tips. Have you ever taken photos of food with your camera?

Happy Picture Taking!

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