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Happy New Year

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Dear Creatives, Happy New Year! I am excited for 2012! It is going to be another year full of inspiration ahead & I hope you are ready to get crafting & creating! There is one thing I still love & that is delving into books to find crafty ideas, swoon over others creativity and find good reading. I am finding out about a couple of book clubs & choosing the best fit in the hopes to be reading more this year.

Maybe you will be reading more too? I will let you know what books I plan on reading in the next few days. Maybe you’d like to read one or two and chat about what we are reading! Share our thoughts about the books we are reading & enjoying! Maybe a monthly check in & chat. I will plan one & post it the details soon. Disclosure: These are affiliate links via my sponsors that I may earn a small commission from to help keep my site running, thank you!

But now I am delighted to share this with you; Start 2012 off right with 35% off + FREE shipping at ChronicleBooks.com. Use discount code NEWYEAR at checkout. Ends 1/6/12.

Sorryabove  Offer no longer available.

Visit Chronicle Books & use this 30% off + Free Shipping

One book I’m thinking of getting with this discount is Handmade Weddings. Yes, another wedding this year is in the works. My son proposed to his lovely young lady & she said yes!


Handmade Weddings

There are so many creative books to get us started on ideas to help with their special day! You can be sure that I will be sharing what we are reading, finding & creating for their wedding day.



While we were gone over the holidays I also got to meet my new grand baby Eli who was a big boy weighing in a healthy 9lb 2 oz. My daughter Krissy is doing amazing! Sammie loves being an auntie for the second time and at almost 10yr. This just spawns my wanting to learn to knit & crochet. I know I talked about learning last year, well I finally got a set of needles & hope to be grabbing a how to book with the discount! They are out of stock on the knitting one I wanted but I loved finding this Japanese Crafts Crochet book.

& don’t forget to enter the giveaway before you go!  Cashmere Snowmen



What books will you be reading in the new year? Are you a member of a book club?

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