Easy Strawberry Icebox Cake No Bake Dessert

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Do you love strawberries and icebox pie recipes? Then you’ll love this no-bake strawberry icebox cake. Perfect for all your fresh strawberries, and makes an awesome dessert. You might have tried some of our favorite icebox pies, and icebox cake recipes before? If not add them to your lists of recipes to make. 

This no-bake strawberry icebox cake; dessert with strawberries is super easy to assemble, pop in the fridge to set up and serve it.

Strawberry Icebox Cake 

 icebox cake recipes - Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

This icebox cake recipe is really easy. But, if you are looking for other recipes with strawberries, here’s where you can find all our Strawberry Recipes

I made my first one last year. It was a banana icebox cake. The problem, not everyone in my house loves bananas. I decided to create my own recipe with my fresh strawberries. I am a huge, strawberry lover. Are you? 

As a matter of fact, everyone in my house and family loves strawberries, which made this recipe a winner in our house. I love no-bake desserts for when it’s too hot to bake. You might remember our tiramisu affogato recipe? It’s another good no-bake dessert to check out. 

icebox cake recipes-Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

Pick up a box of Vanilla wafers, 2 containers of heavy whipping cream and lots of fresh, yummy strawberries then…..

How to make Strawberry Icebox Cake


icebox cake recipes- Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

Rinse them off and set them aside to drip dry.

Ingredients you need for strawberry icebox cake

You’ll need a hand mixer, a knife, a strawberry huller, a baking dish (Use a baking dish although this is a no-bake icebox cake)

icebox cake recipes-Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the iceboxThe steps for making this icebox pie are really easy to follow.

icebox cake recipes-Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

  1. You first layer your crushed Vanilla Wafers with butter mix on the bottom.
  2. Then top it with lots of fresh sliced strawberries.
  3. Follow the directions in the recipe card.

icebox cake recipes-Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

Lastly, just whip up some whipping cream or take out your Cool Whip to top your strawberry icebox cake.

Yield: 9 servings

Strawberry Icebox Cake

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Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox.This strawberry icebox cake is easy to make for a dessert. Make ahead and serve! Everyone will love it!

Prep Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 4 hours
Total Time 4 hours 20 minutes


  • Vanilla Wafers 1 large box or more
  • Strawberries 2-3 baskets
  • Heavy Whipping Cream 6 ounces, 2-3 oz. cartons
  • A softened cube of butter
  • Pam non stick cooking spray
  • Vanilla 2 tsp.
  • Confectioners Sugar 1 cup
  • Cool Whip


  1. Pre spray your 9 x 13 baking dish with Pam *or another non stick spray.
  2. Wash, dry and hull your strawberries. Set them aside.
  3. Crush 2 cups of Vanilla Wafers in a mixing bowl. (reserve rest for layering)
  4. Add 2-1/2 melted tablespoons of butter to your crushed wafers and stir. Next dump them into your baking dish and press flat covering the entire bottom of the dish.
  5. In a large (chilled) mixing bowl whip up one of your cartons or 3oz. of whipping cream until the whipping cream peaks. Next add vanilla and confectioners sugar. Whip until peaks again. Cover and set into fridge until needed.
  6. Cut your strawberries into slices.
  7. Begin to assemble by layering strawberries, whip cream, wafers, whip cream, strawberries for final layer before topping.
  8. For the topping: take half a container of Cool Whip or mix up more whipping cream. For the whipping cream topping mix whipping cream with Confectioners Sugar (1 cup)
  9. and Vanilla (2 tsp.) (omit sugar & vanilla if using the Cool Whip).
  10. Then add a half cup to one cup of chopped strawberries that have been muddled a little (just smash them a bit) Next mix it together with your whipped topping. Add this final whipped strawberry layer to the top of the strawberry icebox cake, then top with extra strawberries and Vanilla Wafers.
  11. Be sure to set your finished icebox cake in the fridge to set up at least 4 hours!


The reason I topped with Cool Whip is because I ran out of whipping cream to do the final layer. I just happened to have one in the freezer so I let it thaw and used it. No matter if the top layer is Cool Whip or Whip Cream it will be fine. If using Cool Whip you will not have to sweeten or add the vanilla. You will still add strawberries to the top layer.

Be sure to set your finished icebox cake in the fridge to set up at least 4 hours!

This no bake dish can be made the night before.

Cover the dish with saran wrap prior to storing in the refrigerator.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 136Total Fat 9gSaturated Fat 6gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 3gCholesterol 26mgSodium 18mgCarbohydrates 14gFiber 0gSugar 13gProtein 1g

Icebox Cake Recipes | Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

See that wasn’t hard. After it sets up in the fridge it’s so easy to serve.

icebox cake recipes-Delicious no bake cake recipes made in the icebox

The vanilla wafer cookies soften into a cake-like yum, the strawberries and cream all mixed together make for one of the best, delicious strawberry icebox cake recipes! If you have never tried an ice-box cake with vanilla wafers you should. 

What type of icebox recipes have you tried?

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