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What have you been reading lately? Recently I got sent an advanced copy of this new release bookHow to Walk Away for free, it’s coming out May 15th. You may want to put this novel on your spring-summer must-read book list  Below you can see my review.

I have been sharing a few posts, novel updates about new release books on my social media but, since you all might not follow all my channels I figured I’d give you the scoop on this novel that I just finished reading. In one weekend! 

How to Walk Away

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How to Walk Away

For all you mamas out there who like to read this book might just need to slip into your bag for reading in the pickup line at school, by the pool as it warms up or curled up on the couch during nap time, or when your kids are studying. It’s easy to pick up, put down, and start to read again. Do you enjoy a good read? How about a 300-page book that you can finish over a few days or a good weekend book? 

I don’t always have time to sit down to read a book cover to cover but, I have to make it a point to read more novels, and other books lately. Especially since Sammie is getting to the age she has to study so much. This past weekend when she was studying for her AP World History exams. I had this book, How to Walk Away in hand flipping page, after page. 

The book is an easy book to read, and the story isn’t what I expected at all. In the beginning, I was like no way. What? How could this happen? And, it happens fast, unexpectedly and so the story hooks you in. 

How to Walk Away Katherine Center novel advanced readers addition

I loved the characters, the twist at the beginning that was heart-tugging, how the journey took off. Every character came to life in this book, and had pieces unfolding that related to the main character. 

This book is filled with love, tragedy, strength, unveiling, coming together, joy, heartbreak, life, resilience, and joy. Honestly, I couldn’t put it down. Wrapped up in what was going to happen next. This book is woven together, leaving you content, and happy. Maybe, wishing for more? (more books by Katherine Center)

I can’t tell you the end, I won’t tell you the end. But, near the end the book might bring you to happy tears.

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What is the last novel you read? What is on your reading book list or summer book list? Will you read How to Walk Away by Katherine Center? 

How to Walk Away - a novel by Katerine Center advanced copy, and book review at DearCreatives.com

Need more information on the book? For more information about How to Walk Away, https://bitly.com/howtowalkaway

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  • I received the advanced copy of the book from @StMartinsPress and @SheSpeaksUp I was not required to do a review, and these are my honest thoughts on the book

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