How To Organize Board Games and Video Games

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Organize Board Games and Video Games – Do you have a storage game cabinet for board games and video games in your home? I’m sharing how you can decide which games to keep, donate, and discard—tips for storing and organizing the game cabinet

We have resources and ideas to help you find storage solutions, a storage cabinet, and tips to help you get organized! Once you have decided what to keep, I will share a few tips on categorizing board games to make them more efficient for grabbing, using, and getting them back into place.

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How To Organize a Game Cabinet

How To Organized Board Games and Video Games - Storage solutions and resources to help you get them organized and under control! Get the tips, ideas, and resources at DearCreatives.com

Whether you use a built-in cabinet in the home, closet shelves, or purchase a game cabinet or game entertainment stand to get your games organized! These are useful tips for how to keep your board games and video games organized.

How To Organize Board Games and Video Games

Steps to organizing a game cabinet for board games, video games, and puzzles... Get all the tips and resources to help you stay organized! DearCreatives.com
  1. First, face the dreaded disorganized storage cabinet (or your game storage area) for games by taking everything out (trust the process).
  2. Next, sort games into age groups, types of games (categorize board games or video games), and how many players they take (if you like).
  3. Go through the games, and check to make sure all the pieces are there. Is the game damaged? Are the games ever played?
  4. Now, if you have various ages of kids or grandkids, and games. You will want to donate games they never use or use less frequently. Get rid of games that are not used at all or have broken or missing pieces.
  5. Put the games you are keeping in piles based on age groups.
  6. And put all the games you are discarding into a trash bag.
  7. Get a large box or two to put the board games you are donating into (note: after returning games to the cabinet you may decide to donate a few more depending on your storage space.
  8. Use a storage container to contain game console games (see our recommendations below).
  9. Keep items together.
  10. If you have a larger game cabinet. You may even keep other kid-related supplies in there. Organize them into bins. Example: A bin for art and craft supplies.
Steps to organizing board games, video games, and puzzles... Get all the tips and resources to help you stay organized! DearCreatives.com

How often to clean out the game storage cabinet?

  1. Clean it out after the holiday season or birthdays when the kids get new games.
  2. Purge games as the kids grow and you no longer have kids that age.
    Keep in mind it’s nice to keep a classic board game or two for younger kids who visit. Our favorites are Connect 4 and Candy Land.
  3. Do you have grandkids? Clean out the cabinet after the grandkids visit. You will usually notice what they grab to play and what games they don’t anymore.
  4. During the spring cleaning process.


Establish a regular routine for cleaning out the game storage cabinet. This helps keep the cabinet and the games in better condition.

Purchase storage containers or repurpose ones you own. If needed, get inserts or dividers to keep board game components organized. This will help prevent damage.

Do you have a box with damaged edges? Use tape like this to reinforce the box or get a new container to hold the game.

Storage Recommendations and Storage Solutions

How To Organize a Game Cabinet for board games, video games, and puzzles... Get all the tips and resources to help you stay organized! DearCreatives.com
  1. Board Game Storage Bags Great game bags for board game organization, puzzle bags, or keeping various craft projects organized. 
  2. Use Board Game Storage Containers like this.
  3. Or this clear, smart locking and stacking game case storage container (10 pack).
  4. Video Game Storage Case that will hold 22-25 games. Compatible with Xbox PS5 PS4…
  5. Get a case like this for all the cartridges that go with Switch games, PS Vita games, or SD cards…
  6. Empty deck card storage boxes. Use them for card games or Pokemon cards.
  7. Do you have games on CDs? Or other CD items to store? Get this CD wallet case.
  8. Do you need a storage cabinet? Get this sideboard/storage cabinet with adjustable shelves.
  9. Or a cube organizer cabinet like this. And these organizer cube baskets.
  10. If you get the storage containers get a labeler for marking the outside with what game is inside the container.
    I use my labeler for all kinds of organizing and home projects.

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