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Friday finds, fashion mood boards filled with pretty little things and wish lists. I have to be honest this past week hasn’t been easy. Not sure exactly why? Not to be all glum on a Friday but, if you are feeling a little humdrum this week I totally get it. I hope today’s list of pretty things and things to read will help you reset.

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In the morning we picked up Sammie’s graduation cap and tassel. Whether or not she will have graduation at all is TBD. We are trying not to dwell on it. She’s going to GCU in Arizona! I dove into Illustrator, I’m trying to learn new techniques to make more printables and other things. She’s inspired me with her skills she gained over two years of graphic design classes. 

Then after dinner, I had to set things aside to do a reset (mentally) and yesterday did a three-mile power walk with her. Fresh air, fresh perspective that wishing and hoping that life hopefully can return to normal at some point. What is normal anyway? And who knows what the new normal will look like? 

I hope you have had a good week, are healthy, and trying to stay on the sunny side of life despite it all. Onto the fun part of Friday’s. Fashion Boards and a list of things to make you smile. 


Fashion mood board - Wish List - Pretty Little things - DearCreatives.com

maxi dress/ankle boots/hair accessories/Fitbit

Pretty Little Things 

    1. 52 Lists of Calm – A book/journal filled with pretty photographs, pages of prompts, spaces to write to let you get back to calm. 
    2. 52 Lists of Happiness – A book/journal filled with inspiration for positivity, happiness, and joy. Another book for list lovers. Filled with pretty photographs, pages of prompt, and spaces to write. There are a few more in the series too! Pop over to see them all. 
    3. This Fit Bit Smart Watch for Women (With Alexa) This is perfect for goal setting, tracking distances, tracking heart rate, and listening to music (Spotify or Pandora)…
    4. Select Summer Dresses at 30% off at Anthro and 20% off at Target. Look and feel pretty at home or get ready for summer. 
    5. These summer sandals. I got faux Birkenstocks last year but, want real Birkenstocks like this. Perfect for hot days, summer at the beach… but if you are not into these I love these gladiator sandals. 
    6. This babydoll sweatshirt for foggy mornings, cool evenings, or windy walks on the beach. 
    7. Take cover from the heat with this stylish Panama Hat
    11. Are you working on your home? Grab this Free E-Book: DIY Organization Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home!
    12. If you want to learn how to make your own mood boards scroll down to the bottom of the page for a few resources. 

Fashion Mood Board

Pretty Little Things - style- list of pretty little things to brighten your day! Wish List of useful, fun, stylish, pretty things. DearCreatives.com


Pony Tail Holder /Panama Hat/ short sleeve long dress/ Rancher Hat/White Boots/Gladiator Sandals/Sleeveless Jumpsuit

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What made me smile today?

  1. Sammie going off to decorate her graduation cap.
  2. Counting down the days to celebrate Sammie’s 18th birthday!
  3. Finding all our pets napping on the bed together.
  4. My cactus blooming, follow me on Instagram I’ll be sharing it over there. 
  5. Our roses blooming. 

Finding these sales to save a little and still get the things we need. 

  1. Looking for gift ideas? Or last-minute gifts? For moms, grads, or birthdays? We love gifting Audible and  Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans for reading your books on devices. Or giving Amazon gift cards.
  2. Right now at Target, you can shop for clothing and accessories sales. Then upcoming Sales that made me smile starting soon –  SAVE 20% off activewear limited time off starting 5/10-5/30. Save 25% on Patio Items 5/10-5/13. Free $5 gift card when you spend $20 on beauty. Valid 05/10 – 05/16.

What made you smile today? 

A Wish List of Pretty Little Things To Brighten Your Day! Friday Finds -DearCreatives.com

Thinking about all the mamas out there. Ladies with teens and everyone who is caring for kids. Sending you a virtual, you got this! Find something that makes you smile! 

xoxo Theresa 

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Do you like making mood boards? Or want to learn how to make fashion boards? Fashion mood boards? 

Right now is the perfect time to focus on learning something new! Right? I think so it gives you something positive to focus on and when you accomplish it you are sure to smile! Happy Mood Board Making. 

I love making fashion mood boards and interior design mood boards. And mood boards for color inspiration.

Let me know if you like seeing mood boards, for me, it’s like a kitten purring. My favorite sound, just in case you didn’t know.

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