Must Have Beauty Tips To Revive Your Skin And Hair!

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Today I’m sharing skin care and hair care beauty tips Covering the beauty products I’d had the chance to try over the past month. I thought you might enjoy hearing what I’m loving and what I had to have in my purse-handbag when traveling. 

Winter can be harsh indoors it’s nice and cozy then head outside and brr it’s cold, windy… Some of these products can be used year round but, are especially helpful in the winter months when you have to hydrate and moisturize. Two keys to keeping your skin and hair looking great.

Winter Skin Care

Beauty Tips For Skin and Hair Plus L'Oreal Age Perfect and Actually Organic Argan Oil reviews

Beauty tips to keep your skin looking younger

Before heading out I always wash my face, moisturize and put on a light foundation cover-up with the addition of a lipstick or lip balm. I don’t have flawless skin. Plus with aging, I’m putting up my fists and taking better care of my skin by hydrating.

I’ve said it before but, I wish I would have really started a beauty regimen when I was a lot younger. Like in my twenties. You just have to find the right products for your skin and of course steer clear of the sun. And always use sunscreen or makeup with sunscreen. Which I do now. 

L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal

Beauty Tips L'Oreal Beauty Products DearCreatives.com | Beauty Product Review that will help you decide if this beauty product is right for you!

Beauty tips for your skin

First up I had the chance to try L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal. It’s focusing on mature, dull skin. If you have younger skin you might like to read this beauty post after reading the other beauty tips below. I liked a lot of things about this creamy moisturizer. It’s a bit thicker, goes on easy, feels light after on. You just apply a little adding it to your skin in a circular motion. You can easily apply makeup right over it. Use a little it goes a long way. 

Beauty Tips DearCreatives.com L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Review

What’s this skin care product supposed to do for you? 

  • Hydrate skin and look healthier
  • Skin feels smoother and looks rejuvenated

In four weeks

  • Skin appears renewed 
  • Skin is visibly younger

I have been using this beauty product for about 4 weeks, daily. I’m not sure how much younger this makes me look but, I know my skin does look and feel healthier. Much softer and younger feeling. I have about half the jar left after 4 weeks. This beauty product has Imperial Peony and LHA (which helps with skin renewal by removing dead skin cells)

Beauty Tips DearCreatives.com L'Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Beauty Review

One thing I didn’t like about it was a rosy tone. It’s a super light color but, rosy isn’t what I need. I will never be able to go without makeup, my skin isn’t perfect. Add aging, a few red spots, and scaring. Yeah, makeup is my bestie for my face. It just gives me that confidence and polish I like for going out. With that said, when applying makeup over the moisturizer it doesn’t affect the coverage. Have you tried L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal? How did you like it?

Beauty Tips For Your Hair and Skin

Argan Oil

Beauty Tips Argan Oil DearCreatives.com Actually Organic 100 pure Moroccan Argan Oil

This time of year my hair gets the frizzies. I tend to blow dry it more because I don’t want to go outside with wet hair in the cold. Yes, straightening my hair can help smooth out the wave and frizzies but, that can damage your hair too. Drying out even more. That’s when I reach for a nice Argan Oil.

What’s great about Argan oil is that it can also be used on your hair, skin, and nails. I love it for my hands and nails. Guys, it’s good for beards. Win/win. It hydrates your skin and hair. 

Beauty Tips Argan Oil used for hands and nails DearCreatives.com Actually Organic Argan Oil review

I love 100% Argan Oils and this one I tried works great and there is no scent! Actually Organic Argan Oil. It comes in a nice bottle with a spray top. Which is perfect for spritzing to add to your hair! Hello, shine, goodbye frizzies. 

Beauty Tips Argan Oil Actually Organic review DearCreatives.com

I’ve tried plenty of pour types and they are good. But, I’ve really like the spray feature, not to mention the results. It adds hydration and a little glow. Don’t forget to use this on your elbows too. 

  • Don’t expect the Argan Oil to come out in a mist form. It’s not diluted. It comes out like a sprayed drop. 

I prefer to spray it into my hand and rub onto my hair starting below the scalp area. This helps keep your hair from looking greasy. Use a brush to run it through the strands of your hair. This product is great any time of year.

Winter must-have beauty items 

Stay tuned for a few beauty DIYs coming up! We have been making scrubs and bath bombs. Perfect for making your skin soft!

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What are some of your cool weather beauty tips? 

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I did receive both the L’Oreal Age Perfect and Actually Organic Argan Oil to try for free. I was not compensated nor required to share my honest thoughts on these beauty products with you. 

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