10+ Pantry Organizing Ideas For The Kitchen Pantry

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10 Pantry Organizing Ideas for clutter busting the kitchen. I’ve been working on home organization projects. Our pantry is super narrow and has limited space. Down the road we hope to update it by adding shelves to the broom closet side. But, until that time we keep improving it with a few organization tools for in the kitchen. I hope our tips and tricks to help you with your kitchen organization.

Condensing, storing and by organizing makes things more manageable. I can’t wait for the day we do an entire over hall and see a bigger solution, making things more accessible and increasing storage. Do you have the same problem?

Pantry Organizing Ideas 

Home Organization Pantry and Kitchen Ideas and tips for organizing and food storage solutions. Easy ways to maximize your space and make it efficient and functional!

How to organize your pantry?

Take out all the items and get rid of stuff you aren’t using, are broken, have lost lids or items you have too many of. Put like items grouped together in containers. 

Pantry Racks  


Home Organization Pantry Kitchen Storage SolutionsDecoBros Kitchen Houseware Organizer Organize Your Kitchen Wares Double Your Space 

  1. Songmics Bamboo Utility Drawer Expandable Tray 
  2. Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack 
  3. DecoBros Kitchen Houseware Organizer Pantry Rack 
  4. DecoBros Stackable Under Sink Cabinet Sliding Basket Organizer Drawer,Chrome

One way I like to organize my small pantry space is to get rid of bulky boxes the packaged foods come in. I love taking wire baskets and adding all those grab and go breakfast bars, snacks and fruit leathers for my teen in one spot. I’ve also used plastic bins. 

Now, I use plastic bins to organize my small baking supplies like flavorings, sprinkles, baking powder, baking soda….

Another way to keep things organized is having an entire shelf only for canned goods, one for baking goods, one for snacks, one for emergency foods……

When it comes to food storage I have storage sets for the refrigerator and storage sets for the pantry. I love having clear storage with proper sealing tops to keep items fresh and pest free. Below I have a link to my pantry storage tips. 

Food Storage Ideas 

Home Organization Pantry Storage Solutions

  1. Pyrex 10 Piece Storage Set  
  2. Snapware 10 Piece Food Storage Solution 
  3. ClickClack Cube Storage 
  4. Oggi 9322 5 Piece Acrylic Cansister Set with Airtight Camp Lids-food Storage 

Home Storage Pantry Oggi 5 Piece Canister Set with airtight clamp

Of course labeling your storage makes things easier to find. One way is by using chalkboard labels with chalkpen markers. They are easy to wipe and re-write any labeling for your storage as it may change. 

How is your pantry working for you? 

If your new here or missed my first home organization pantry – kitchen posts you might want to take a look for more ideas. 

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