What’s New In The Kitchen And Salmon With Lemon & Garlic Recipe

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Today we are back in the kitchen trying out a few new kitchen tools. Bonus easy recipe for Salmon, and some food tips for cooking. I’ve moved my computer into the kitchen area btw. Before I had it in the living room. But, with our painting and redoing a few things, I’m tucked in a corner, near a window writing this post today.

I can’t wait until our kitchen remodel is done. We started a long time ago but, the hardest part is yet to be finished. Counters and cabinets are still in the works. I’ll just put my blinders on and be thankful for having it half done. I can’t wait to paint it too. I might be rethinking the colors after reading the book I shared the other day. I’ll link post at bottom in case you want to check out why we changed our living room colors and the book.

Kitchen Tools to make your cooking easier and under 30 minute meal Salmon with lemon and garlic recipe. You'll love these kitchen tools perfect for the home cook.

What’s new?

Kitchen Tools

in the kithen- kitchen tools-cooking T-fal cheese grater on a cutting board with cheese © 2017 Theresa Huse dearcreatives.com

With a teen in the house we are always back and forth into the kitchen. I love teaching Sammie about photography and how to cook. She isn’t always interested but, she does like learning when she has time. 

in the kithen- kitchen tools- T-fal cheese grater-cooking © 2017 Theresa Huse

Her favorite thing to make herself is nachos. With this grater it keeps the shredded cheese inside until you shake it out into a bowl or onto your food.

in the kithen- kitchen tools-cooking cheese grater cooking a cheese quesadilla © 2017 Theresa Huse

When Sammie is shredding cheese for me I always worry about her knuckles and fingers getting cut.

in the kithen- kitchen tools-cooking © 2017 Theresa Huse cooking a chicken quesadilla

We had the chance to try the T-fal Multi Grater perfect for anyone, especially with older kids learning to cook. *to use under supervision. It says to keep out of the reach of children. (Sammie is almost 15 years old) It assembles easily, and has the back that is covered. This is a nice feature as you grip it when shredding cheese. I tried it out too by making quesadillas her second favorite thing to eat for an after school snack.

This kitchen tool is great for smaller grating jobs but, might not be the best one for bigger grating jobs since you’d have to keep emptying it, once it’s full.

It’s benefits to me are great storage size, the backings easy grip, two size choices for grating. It’s also easy to take apart and clean. Dishwasher safe. This kitchen tool would be great for a small kitchen, teaching older kids to cook, when your not doing bulk shredding. But, for bulk you could empty it out into a bowl and just start again. It’s doable. 

In The Kitchen

Salmon With Lemon and Garlic Recipe

in the kithen- kitchen tools-cooking pouring lemon juice on salmon from T-fal citrus juicer © 2017 Theresa Huse

We love making salmon for dinners. It’s easy, doesn’t take long and you can serve it with veggies and rice. Dinner can be on the table in under 30 minutes. I lined my stainless steel – copper bottom skillet with foil, then drizzled olive oil. Why? Because I hate cleaning pots. lol

Next you pour half to a 1 whole fresh squeezed lemon juice onto your salmon. We sprinkled the salmon with a little sea salt, cracked pepper and garlic powder. Cover with the lid and bake at 375 degrees about 20 minutes or until salmon flakes. While the salmon is cooking make rice and steam your veggies.

Who doesn’t love a salmon dinner? Another 30 minute or less meal! This is another favorite salmon recipe, which has citrus and jalapenos.

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The kitchen tool we tried for this recipe was the T-fal citrus juicer. I have my grandma’s glass vintage juicer and hate using it. I don’t want to break it and it doesn’t catch seeds or pulp. This juicer does both. You don’t even have to take the squeezer out to pour.

It’s easy to use, clean and store. It has two juicing cups, one which is a stay fresh lid too. The rim of the juicer slides right over the handle so you can just juice and pour. Your thumb holds the juicer (squeeze part) in place while pouring. I was surprised to see the lower rating on Amazon. I really liked it. But, maybe it’s due to people thinking bulk juicing? That would be time consuming if you had a tree or bags of lemons. I can see using this when I make my no bake lemon pie or a lemon or lime bars too. Hello spring cooking!

in the kitchen cooking asparagus in a steamer dearcreatives.com

We have a lot of favorite vegetables. One of my favorites for this season and Easter is asparagus. I make it two ways one cooked in garlic and butter. The other is steamed which is a healthy way to cook it.

T-fal Ingenio Steamer Basket, Black

I might be most excited about this kitchen tool. We tried out the T-fal steamer. What I didn’t realize is how much I needed a good steamer basket! We seriously had steamed asparagus in under 6 minutes. It was perfect, tender, and was flavorful. Did you know steaming helps retain nutrients too?

Bonus this one is dishwasher safe, it’s top part – handle grabber goes in and easily folds down. This steamer can fit to the size of your pot or pan. I used a 5 quart non stick skillet for cooking the asparagus but, could of used any of my pots. I’m excited to steam all our veggies now. Hello, steamed broccoli. Yep, worked great and tasted amazing, which is great if counting calories or trying to be healthier.

kitchen tools: Mashed potatoes dearcreatives.comKitchen Tools

Now who loves mash potatoes? Raise your hands. Ahem, I thought so. Do you want a potato masher that has an easy food release? And how about a silicone bumper? Best part of this T-fal potato masher is the side mashing design. Easy to get everything in your pot mashed. Sorry no, I didn’t get a photo of me using it. Sammie wasn’t around to take my shot. 

Did I tell you Sammie tried out for both swim and track. She decided to do shot put for the track team. We have been busy, and she has been hungry! Team sports and big workouts will do that.

What’s your favorite kitchen tools and why?

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