Grilled Steak – Easy Seasoned Grilled Steak

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How to make a delicious, easy-to-make grilled steak! We kicked off grilling season by trying new seasonings and rubs. The result is a juicy and tender seasoned grilled steak. We are sharing a few tips to help get the perfect, juicy grilled steak!

See just how easy it is to grill steak. The weather warms up quickly around here giving us an extra-long season for grilling outside. Looking for something else to cook on the grill? Find more grilled recipes here.

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Grilled Steak

Grilled Steak - steak seasonings, grill, let the meat rest a few minutes. Serve with side dishes for grilled steak and enjoy! Grilled Recipe and grilling tips at DearCreatives.com

Fire up your grills it’s time to grab a few steaks to grill. Make this salad with grilled steak. Or a salad, baked potatoes, and steak. This dinner idea will be ready to serve quickly. I love the no-fuss dinner with little to clean up. Don’t you?

But, if you want to make a steak marinade check this post out. This Steak Marinade recipe is an easy, flavorful recipe. We show you how to make the marinade, and grill your steak for a juicy, flavorful recipe. 

My all-time favorite way to cook steak on the grill is this marinated steak recipe. Carne Asada Verde Grilled Steak with Mexican Style Grilled Corn is another great steak recipe, but also includes sides you can grill. 

Take note, if you are in a hurry marinating steak takes longer than adding seasoning or rub to steak. That is why this steak dinner is a quick, easy meal to make and grill at home.

Seasoned Grilled Steak

Grilled steak and grilled steak dinner ideas - Make an easy dinner tonight! DearCreatives.com

I was gifted these seasoning products to try for free. They are available on Amazon and via Rainier foods.


Seasonings ingredients for grilling . Perfect for your grilled and barbecue recipes. See grilled recipes at DearCreatives.com

If you are looking for more easy ways to grill steak you need to try making it with these grilling seasonings and dry rubs! They can be used on different meats, chicken, fish… And they would also be a great gift for dads who love to grill for Father’s Day! Or can be awesome gifts for men.

Need help with which steak to buy? Guide To Different Cuts of Steak this will help you with your steak selection. Or talk to your grocery store butcher for recommendations. If you are on a budget look for sales that make eating steak more affordable. Enjoy eating steak for special occasions, celebrations, backyard barbecues, or dinner…

How To Cook Steak On The Grill

Steak With Seasonings before grilling, Steak on the grill, Steak that was flipped on the grill, steak resting on the plate with juices - See how to grill steak at DearCreatives.com
how to grill steak


It is so easy to grill steak. Grab your favorite cuts from the grocery store and remove them from the package. Let the meat sit out for about a minimum of 15 minutes to 1 hour. Add one of these seasoning blends to the steaks. Then grill it for 8 minutes on each side for a thick-cut steak. We used an open lid grilling method, using a medium flame. If the flame becomes too big you can close the lid of the grill to prevent uncontrollable flare-ups. Use a meat thermometer to get the perfect temperature! Let the meat rest 3-5 minutes before slicing.

Typo in the video – the correction is to adjust the heat.

The Essentials Seasoning - Seasonings ingredients for grilling . Perfect for your grilled and barbecue recipes. See grilled recipes at DearCreatives.com

It’s seriously that easy to cook steak on the grill! Scroll down to see some of our favorite sides for serving with steak and for barbecue season.

Grilled Steaks Cook Times

  • Rare Steak – 125 degrees F
  • Medium Rare Steak – 130-135 degrees F
  • Medium Well Done Steak – 140-150 degrees F

Pro Grilling Tips -Ensure the steaks reach an internal temperature to suit your tastes but, also include the minimum food-safe cook time for beef. Then let the meat rest 3-5 minutes before slicing.


Grilled Steak Dinner Ideas

Grilled Steak Dinner - Add steak seasonings, grill, let the meat rest a few minutes. Serve with side dishes for grilled steak and enjoy! See how to at DearCreatives.com

Grilled steak sides

We made a spring mix salad with chopped red bell peppers, green onions, and tomatoes. Along with baked potatoes. We kept this grilled steak dinner simple. And on another day we had the grilled steak with salad and barbecue chips.

Spring Mix Salad to use as a side dish for Grilled Steak or to add grilled steak onto - find out more © DearCreatives.com

Also, consider these side dishes for your steak dinners. Corn on the cob or grilled corn, green beans, potatoes salad, pasta salad, artichokes…

When Do You Prep The Side Dishes?

Either while the steak is on the grill (if one person is grilling and the other doing food prep) or before you start to grill make your sides. Make pasta salads and potato salads the night before or earlier in the day. This is helpful if you are in a hurry to get dinner on the table or busy on grilling day.

  1. Prep the spring mix salad (rinse and dry vegetables), and chop the red bell pepper and tomato. Add them to a salad bowl.
  2. Rinse off the potatoes, give them a prick with a fork and microwave them on the potato setting.

It doesn’t get easier! You can serve the seasoned grilled steak sliced on the salad or next to it.

Do you enjoy cooking dinner on the grill?

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Grilled Steak - Easy-to-make grilled rib eye steak (or use your favorite cut of steak). Add steak seasonings... find the steak recipe and grilling tips at DearCreatives.com
kick off grilling seasoning or get dad these grilling seasonings for Father's Day - you are sure to love them on so many foods or vegetables! Seasonings - smoky & sweet, garlic and chilis , sea salt, garlic and pepper, blackberry smoky honey - find out more DearCreatives.com

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