How to Make Italian Herb Stuffed Artichokes

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Today I am sharing my recipe for Italian herb stuffed artichokes. Do you love artichokes? This is a lighter version of the Italian Stuffed Artichoke recipe. Which is one way to have them a bit healthier, and lighter, yet still packed with flavor. This artichoke recipe can be used as a vegetable side dish or an appetizer. Minus the prep of the artichokes, this is a 30 minute recipe. Making it quick, and easy. We steamed ours but, I have cooked them many ways, and linked to a few favorite ways to cook artichokes at the end of the post. 

Stuffed Artichokes 

Steamed Artichokes stuffed with herbs. This is a quick and easy side dish or appetizer recipe See how to prepare artichokes to make this. #artichokes #stuffedartichokes #vegetables #sidedish #appetizer.jpg

My family is obsessed with artichokes. I remember traveling to the middle of the USA, in a small town where I was visiting. No one had ever tried them. What? So when we drove to the nearest city market about 45 minutes away, I grabbed some artichokes to cook. Needless to say, they loved them, and are now obsessed too. Let’s get cooking. 

The prep is really quick. You’ll need a sharp chef knife, maybe a serrated knife, and a pair of kitchen scissors. A pot with a lid, and a steamer basket. Below you’ll find a recipe for baking them too. 

cut your artichokes across the top for steaming

First cut the tops off the artichokes. Trim your bottom down, either flat or very short, using your chef knife. If your having trouble with the tops try a serrated knife. 

trim off the side leaves on the artichokes ©

Next trim the leaves of your artichokes with your kitchen scissors. Next wash your artichokes off. I do it this way to lessen your knife slipping off the artichoke. 

Trimmed artichoke ready to be open and stuffed

Take your trimmed artichoke, next you will want to open your artichoke for stuffing by using your fingers, or a spoon. Mince garlic (the amount will vary depending on how many artichokes you are cooking) on average about 1 garlic clove per artichoke. Drizzle with a little olive oil across the tops, and letting it drip inside. Sprinkle with Italian seasonings.

artichoke with olive oil, minced garlic, and Italian herbs. ©

You can stuff them with bread crumbs if you like. If you do I love using Italian bread crumbs, these are my favorite choice. We are keeping this lighter than a traditional stuffed artichoke. I’ll link to a few different stuffed recipes, and a videos below that shows how to prepare, stuff them a different way, and cook in the oven. 

How to Steam Artichokes 

artichokes in a steamer basket in a pot ready to be cooked. ©

Fill the bottom of your pot with water. Add your steamer basket. Next add prepared artichokes. 

Lid the pot and steam the artichokes See how at

Lid your pot. Set timer for 30 minutes. Bring your water to a boil, and let artichokes steam. Be sure to check your pot half way through to make sure there is still enough water on the bottom of the pot. If you need a reminder set timer at 15 minutes, and then reset for another 15 minutes. 


steamed artichokes close up see recipe at © Theresa Huse

You will know when they are done by the change of color, and you can pull a leaf off to see if it’s tender by tasting it. (see video if you have never eaten one) Adjust cooking time if needed depending on the size of your artichokes. They are best, when leaves are tender but not overly cooked. 

Serve with an olive oil mixture with vinegar, salt, and pepper,  mayonnaise  or artichoke dipping sauce. 

Stonewall Kitchen Aioli Collection (3 pc)

Artichoke Dipping Sauces



Here’s how you would prepare stuffed artichokes in the oven

This video has a few tips for keeping them from turning colors if you are preparing quite a few at one time. 


Italian Herb Stuffed Artichokes. You will love this lighter version of a stuffed artichoke. These are steamed but, there are also other recipes for them on the post. #stuffedartichokes #artichokes #appetizer #sidedish Grab the recipe at DearCreatives.comNew here? Subscribe bonus, you get a free printable recipe binder.

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What is your families favorite side dish or appetizer? 

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