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Gift Baskets – DIY: How To Make A Wired Ribbon Bow And Holiday Tips

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There has been a lot of gift basket (s) making, baking and all things crafty going on over here behind the scenes. What about at your house? We love making holiday memories. But, with that comes holiday messes! Oh, well. It comes with the territory and we have our favorites to tackle that! We are getting things wrapped up and we love topping our gift baskets with pretty bows. Don’t you? I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you and a DIY showing you how to make a holiday bow. Let’s get started making #HolidayMoments.

We renewed our Costco membership this year. All I can say is we should of done this sooner! The savings, seasonal offerings and things for cleaning or hosting the holidays all in one place. Ahem, my life just got easier! Do you shop at Costco? The first thing I did was grab the items for the gift basket I was making. Then I grabbed all the supplies for hosting holiday gatherings and cleaning up those messes.

Gift Baskets

Wired Bow DIY / Baker’s Gift Basket Idea

gift baskets |Step by Step wired bow diy

The items in one of the gift baskets I picked out from Costco: silicon baking pan liners, a set of measuring cups, a cookbook and giant bag of chocolate chips and vanilla… All you need to do is grab your gift items and add them to your basket. Then make a bow to add to the basket. Add a bit of pretty filler to finish it off. Let me show you how.

Gift Baskets Ribbon

What’ you’ll need for your gift basket:

  • Wired ribbon: 1 roll of 2-1/5″ wired ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pipe cleaner (1 per bow) a similar color as the ribbon or wire tie
  • Crinkle cut paper
  • Floral pick *optional
  • Ornament *optional

For tutorial view steps and images. You can enlarge this image to see it full sized.

How to make a wired bow for your gift basket:

gift baskets diy| How to make a wired holiday bow with step by step images

Wired Ribbon Bow DIY:

  • Keep your ribbon attached to the spool
  • Roll out enough for end of bow about 6 inches
  • Next start folding 6 inches away from your ribbon connected measuring  about 5 inches (for a low basket) * measure from bottom to top of basket to get ribbon size you’ll need.
  • Continue folding until you have at least eight folds
  • Once you have all the folds you want fold it in half to find the middle
  • Then cut a triangle on each side from the center
  • Wrap your twist tie around the ribbon in the cut out area
  • Flip it over and twist it a few times
  • Next you unfold the loops by pulling and twisting the ribbon into loops to create the bow. Don’t worry about it being perfect! (*if your ribbon doesn’t have 2 right sides you can turn your loops inside out, then twist the loop)
  • Attach pipe cleaner through the holes in your basket, twist a few times.
  • Cut the ends of the ribbon at each side at an angle
  • If you need to adjust or cut matching sides ribbon end: 1. measure piece the same as the opposite side 2. cut at an angle you will secure it behind bow at the pipe cleaner tie (after it’s attached to the basket- 3rd from last image/step)
  • Next fluff up your loops and make them look pretty!
  • Add a floral pick, ornament and or accent pieces
  • Fill your gift basket with gift items
  • Next add glittered crinkle cut paper to basket
  • Then clean up your mess. My go to is Bounty paper towels for all my project’s clean ups.

Cleaning up a mess with a bounty paper towel

For the baker’s gift basket I added a roll of Bounty paper towels and one of the seasonal Febreze Air Effects (vanilla) because they are useful everyday items.

gift basket | close up of gift basket with gift bow

I stocked up on several items so I wouldn’t run out. For me it also saves me time from running back to the store for constant restocking.

Close up of Febreze Air Effects

What I loved about Febreze is that they had a seasonal selection. Perfect for all pet, cooking and other odors.

Close up of a roll of Bounty Paper Towels

I really liked that the Bounty paper towels were wrapped individually. Perfect for storing extras.

Holiday Tips for Keeping Your House Stocked:

  • Bounty Paper Towels for all the kitchen and crafting messes
  • Toilet paper for keeping the rest room stocked
  • Febreze Air Effects to keep the house smelling free of pet odors
  • Laundry Soap and Softener (my favorites Tide Pods and softener-Downy April Fresh)
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (because their is always something that is tough to tackle and the little ones marking things they shouldn’t)
  • Swiffer refills (we have wood and tile floors + pets = a daily Swiffer is a must in my house!)

Gift Basket Gift Basket for Bakers

By keeping these P&G items and a few others stocked in my (or your) home I think that I’ll be (you’ll be) prepared for all things messy or fun! What are your must have items for keeping your home stocked up for the holidays?

I love how Costco has the store organized. You can find everything you need in the various sections. I love checking out the books and seasonal items too, which are always changing. Don’t you? You can usually find seasonal in the center of the stores. Now I didn’t even mention foods/ beverages. Oh, my!

Here’s where I found all my cleaning supplies in Costco.

Bounty Febreze P&G Products at Costco

I think we are really making the most of the holiday season by shopping at Costco for all of our household needs and gift basket items. Moving forward I’m planning on being more organized with my shopping. My motto for the new year is “being prepared” and “saving”. Thanks to Costco I can do both!

Gift Baskets Step by Step wired bow diy Tips for holiday moments

Check out all that Costco has to offer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed and you can even shop Costco online!

How do you stay prepared and make holiday memories?

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  1. You make these bows looks so easy, thank you! I always seem to have ribbons on hand but always forget to pick up bows. Maybe now I can make my own. Happy holidays! #client

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