DIY Felt Bird Bookmark + Video & Free Bird Template

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Make this DIY Felt Bird Bookmark it’s a fun and easy felt craft. Have you ever asked,” how to make a bookmark?” We have a free printable bird template for you so you can make your own.

You can make these felt bird bookmarks for your journals, book page markers, and even homemade gifts. Pair this homemade bookmark with a book you are reading or a journal you are working on. Or use the template for a bird to make a handmade gift for someone. 

Do you remember this? DIY felt heart bookmark that I made for  Valentine’s day. 

DIY Bookmark

DIY Felt Bird Bookmark
DIY Felt Bookmarks -How to make bird felt paperclip bookmarks. Comes with a free bird template and instructions. DearCreatives.com #feltcrafts #diybookmarks #birds #feltbirds #springfeltcrafts

I haven’t made a new bookmark in a long time. With all the books I have been reading, I was ready to make a new one. As a mom, and grandma I always have to set my book down and then pick up where I felt off. I don’t like trying to remember where I left off. So having a cute bookmark is always handy! 

You can make these for

  • Handmade Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift (mom, dad, grandparents)
  • A teacher’s gift
  • Summer project with tweens
  • Teen Craft
  • Make them for your kids and grab our summer reading log or booklist find them here (DIY Summer Camp) (Daily Planner)

Are giving the bookmark as a gift? Do you need suggestions to go with the bookmarks? 

Felt Bookmark 

You will want to make more than one of these DIY Felt Bird Bookmarks! 

Let’s make this felt craft project for the bird bookmarks! If you aren’t making it now don’t forget to pin it for later! 

Felt supplies, craft supplies, a giant paper clip, scissors, thread, printed bird template and other supplies for making a felt bookmark. DIY Felt Bird Bookmark at DearCreatives.com

Craft Supplies

The things needed to make one felt bird paperclip bookmark

  1. Felt sheet or scraps (any coordinating colors of your choosing): tonal colors for each bird, orange, black
  2. Jumbo paperclip, 80mm, silver
  3. Fabric scissors
  4. Printable Bird template
  5. Glue gun with clear hot glue sticks
  6. Sewing needle and matching threads

How to make a felt bird bookmark 

DIY Felt Bookmarks - Felt bird bookmarks. DearCreatives.com #feltcrafts #bookmarks #birdbookmark #paperclipbookmarkdiy


DIY Bookmark Instructions with step-by-step images 

cutting out a template for birds to make a felt bookmark. DearCreatives.com

  1. Print off Bird Template – Pattern
  2. When cutting felt use your fabric scissors, I use my craft-sewing scissors. Pro Tip: Reserve your best sewing scissors for ONLY Fabric! Cutting paper dulls the blades.
  3. Cut 2 pieces of the small circular eyes in black felt color.
  4. Next cut 2 pieces of the triangular beak in the orange felt color.

Cutting the wings for the felt bird to make a bookmark. Find this felt craft and more at DearCreatives.com

Then cut 2 pieces of the wing pattern in a coordinating tonal felt color (for the ones above I used brown felt).

The Next Steps

Cutting out the bird parts from the free printable bird template - Template and instructions at DearCreatives.com

  1. Cut 2 pieces of the large bird pattern in the main felt color.
  2. Preheat the hot glue gun.
  3. Position both sides of the bird pattern facing opposite directions.

Add glue to the back side of the wing just along the top and outer edges as shown and press in place onto the bird. Repeat on the reverse side. Video tutorial for making felt bookmark at DearCreatives.com

Add glue to the backside of the wing just along the top and outer edges as shown and press in place onto the bird. Repeat on the reverse side.

gluing beaks onto the felt birds - see all the steps of this felt craft at DearCreatives.com

Next, add glue to the backside of the beak and press in place. Repeat on the reverse side.

hot glue the eyes onto the felt bird. See how to make felt paperclip bookmarks at DearCreatives.com

Then add glue to the backside of the eye and press in place.

both eyes glued to the felt cut out birds - grab full instructions and free printable template at DearCreatives.com

Repeat on the reverse side.

Hot gluing the inside of the felt cut out bird to glue the two sides together. Full instructions for how to make the felt bookmarks at DearCreatives.com

Flip the birds so the wrong sides are facing up and glue the main bird pieces together.

Pressing the two sides with hot glue together; next trim any misaligned edges. See full DIY bookmark tutorial at DearCreatives.com

Trim any excess felt edges that are misaligned.

How to add the paperclip to the bookmark

Get ready to sew the paper clip securing under the wing. Full directions for this felt bird bookmark at DearCreatives.com

Choose a backside since both sides of the bird are the same. Position the jumbo paper clip on the backside of the felt bird underneath the wing.

Securing the paper clip under the wing of the felt bird. Find this diy felt bookmark and more at DearCreatives.com

Using a matching thread color and sewing needle attach the top section of the paper clip to the felt taking care not to stitch through to the other side. The stitching should not be visible on either side. Secure in place. (See how to in the video DIY Bird Bookmark instructions. This is a very simple hand sewing anyone can do.)

Paper clip has been secured and now the felt bird bookmark is ready to use. See video, images and full instructions for how to make this felt craft at DearCreatives.com

When stitched, the bird will swivel up and down with ease.

Not making the DIY felt bird bookmark now? Be sure to pin it for later

DIY Felt Bird Bookmarks 

Mark your place in a book and enjoy! Happy Reading and Crafting! 

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