Easy Wrapping Ideas + How to Personalize Your Ribbons

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Want to learn an easy way to Personalize gifts and packages? Let me show you how to make pretty packages for Christmas or other occasions. One thing I love about the holidays and Christmas is all the pretty packaging under the tree! These Christmas wrapping ideas are easy. 

I spy pretty packaging that has caught my eye. Over time, so much so that I created a dedicated Pinterest board. I’ll have a link to it a little later. Are you ready to make something but, this isn’t it? Be sure to see all our Craft Ideas

I am sharing how I used a new craft tool that I received to try out for free. You can make lovely packaging, crafts, embellishments for scrapbooks and even makes iron-on labels with it!

Think of all birthdays, weddings, celebrations, holidays where you can make your packaging and gifts look special

I’m going to share a few ways I used the Epson LabelWorks™ This is a Printable Ribbon Kit. I will go over the special features and options that it comes with. What’s great about the Printable Ribbon Kit LabelWorks™ is that it is made for printing personalized messages on satin ribbons for crafts, scrapbooks, decorations, gifts and more. This little machine was so easy to put the batteries into, insert the ribbon tape and begin using it!

DIY Personalized Ribbon Messages

Holiday Packaging and gift ideas_ decorated mason Jar with cookies_0169 20144 DearCreatives.com

The Printable Ribbon Kit is so easy to use just by reading through the steps in the manual. If you have ever used a label maker, it’s steps are very similar.

If you like this idea then you will enjoy all our mason jar crafts

How to use a label maker or label making ribbon kit

  1. Select the font
  2. Size
  3. Add a design you like
  4. Print the label
  5. Use the cutter or scissors for snipping ends
  6. Attach to your gift 

I filled a mason jar with cookies and decorated the jar with ribbon, covered the lid with wool felt and added little holiday accents. 

  • There are over 300 symbols and 75+frames to pick from, 14 fonts types and 10 font styles!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

close up of decorated mason jar_mason jar gift _© 2014 DearCreatives.com

I tried a few different fonts, changed out the cartridges for different colors and added little designs from the available choices.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

burlap bag tied with personalized message on ribbon_ Holiday Packaging_

I have to say this is a perfect tool for adding to your creativity. I love the gold on the blue ribbon

Ribbon Kit Labeling Features

  •  Built-in-memory stores up to 30 label design files!
  • Prints up to two lines of text.
  • Accommodates tapes from 6 mm(1/4 inch) to 12 mm (1/2 inch) wide
  • Uses Iron-On and Colored Satin Ribbons 
  • There are over 300 symbols and 75+frames to pick from, 14 fonts types and 10 font styles!

DIY Packaging Ideas

Burlap bag, satin ribbon with message and perfume bottle_ packing idea_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

The Epson Label Works can be used with 2 high-quality printable ribbon tapes, as well as sticky labels, glow-in-the-dark tape (perfect for Halloween!)and iron-on labels! Honestly, I can’t wait to use the iron-on labels for all my sewing and doll projects coming up this winter! (these are sold separately)

But, the kit comes with two colors of satin ribbon to get you started!

red ribbon printed with gold letters tied around a burlap bag_Epson LabelWorks printed Ribbon_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Wrap tissue around little boxes, bottles of perfume or other gifts insert into a burlap mini sack then wrap with the ribbon and you are ready to give your gift to someone special. 

Pretty Packaging Ideas 

Holiday packaging_gift bag with bow and ribbon with a message_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

For this package, I used a pre-made bow and handle bag then added my personalized printed message under the bow. Tape it or use a glittered clothespin as I did. Add tissue paper into the handled bag around your gift. 

Cookies in a mason jar with a decorated lid and personalized ribbon_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

For this mason jar gift of oatmeal cookies, I added some Christmas fabric over the lid cover and under the lid rim. Then I cut the fabric leaving a few inches under the jar rim. I glued the printed ribbon onto the lid.

We personalized this mason jar Christmas gift with cookies and with the ribbon saying, “Made Special For You” and then I added music notes for Sammie’s piano teacher.

If you are looking for a gift to give someone or want to add special touches to your gift ideas I think you’ll love the Epson LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit. Need more ideas on how you can use this label maker? See this video with LabelWorks Satin Ribbon Printing Ideas.

Our thoughts of the new label printer

I highly recommend this handy tool! I have only had mine a short while and can’t wait to use it for iron-on labels, more holiday wrapping and creating special touches for upcoming baby showers, bridal showers and more.

Ideas for using printed ribbon 

  • Create gift tags and slip the ribbon through to add flair to any package
  • Wrap a homemade jam or mason jar craft for gifting with the ribbon
  • Wrap a plain box with the ribbon
  • Wrap package with butcher paper or wrapping paper then add the ribbon
  • Tie a bouquet of flowers
  • Tie a bunch of helium balloons
  • Create special tied wedding favors or baby shower favors

What ideas can you think of?

Thanks, Espon for sending us the Label Works to try out! All text, images and 100% honest opinions are mine. We hope you enjoy using Epson’s LabelWorks™ as much as we have should you decide to purchase one. 

Label Maker 

Close up of Epson LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit _© 2014 DearCreatives.com

How to change the cartridge on a label maker 

  • To change the cartridge you just take off the back cover

  • Remove the cartridge you are done with

  • Insert the new cartridge.

It is easy to pop out and pop in a new cartridge! See image below for help 

Step by Step how to use the Epson LabelWorks™ Printable Ribbon Kit_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Epson LabelWorks™ Cartridges come in a variety of colors including iron-on cartridges

Are you ready to wrap your gifts?

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