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Budget-Friendly Easter Table Top Centerpiece

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I created a budget-friendly Easter Table Top Centerpiece. I wanted to share this tutorial for you before Easter weekend because it is easy to do and really quick to make for your tabletops.

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Note: This is an old post that is being updated. Why not delete it? I thought it will still be helpful to anyone just getting started with crafts or making Easter crafts. I’ve come a long way with my crafting!! Plus, you get to see how far my photography, writing and other skills are when visiting my newest posts.

I hope to update the photos for a few of the items I still have, this post was made years ago when I was first starting out with my crafting. Be sure to subscribe to our latest posts. 

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I had been hunting around for glass dome cover to purchase locally since we are in a small town area I guess nobody carries them! What?!! Oh, well moving on I search baking isles, for glass cake covers and none were to be found only plastic. I get it but, I am looking for Easter decor not going on a picnic.

Searching around I find this vase on clearance. Ok, maybe if I turn it upside down it will be the perfect size to cover my figurine like a dome to make my tabletop pretty. The price was right.

How  to make a budget-friendly Easter Centerpiece


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Now just see how easy and quick!

How to Make Budget-Friendly Easter Decorations

egg floral pick
  1. First, paint wood spool & set aside to dry.
  2. Next, pull apart the Easter Egg floral pick carefully a strand or two to work. 
  3.  Try not to tear the wrapped paper that covers the wire.
  4. Use small wire cutters this makes it easy to do, by snipping toward the bottom of the pick.
Adjust floral eggs

Next, arrange wired eggs around your bird nest pulling them toward outer edges and center onto your charger or plate.

  1. Next, add your figurine to the center of the nest 
  2. Then add some floral picks around outside of the nest cover with dome or vase. 
  3. I added branches outside on the charger too.
  4. I had them from deconstructing the birds’ nest that was set on branches I had leftover from wedding decor.
floral topper

My vase had a flat glass bottom now becoming the top of the dome. I covered it by first painting a spool, as mentioned above then wrapping wired floral picks along with leftover eggs around and setting on top of a flat base.

  • This is when you would hot glue to base if not going to dismantle it for storing.
close up

You can click on the image to enlarge, but you get the picture of what it is looking like now. You can see I have added floral picks to the inside of spool making a topiary.

topiary detailing

I used a floral pick for the topiary that had shimmering butterflies on a wire ( it looks washed out in the image, but it is so pretty in person).


Now it’s finished and ready to move to my dining room!

Happy Easter

I hope you enjoyed this how-to!

Are you having an Easter gathering or going to one?

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