Easter Crafting Diy

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Dear Creatives, The house has been buzzing with activity since Sammie is in this Gold Rush play & the day is upon us! So this will be a quick post. I hope you enjoy it! I am sharing some crafty, diy table top decor that was super easy & thrifty to make. You can even do this last minute & have it ready for your Easter table or side table. I have more to share but have to edit the rest of the photos, so stay tuned as I will be adding to this post! Consider this part 1.

The paint & supplies:

I had a left over mason jar, 2 Easter figurines, some floral elements, a wood block & wood spool. I pulled a little Easter grass from the basket. Why is it that I can’t find my bag of moss I had? hmm wonder where I put it when cleaning. Oh well, I improvised. For paints I used Ceremacoat Cricket Gillon & Lime Sorbet, they just scream Easter! & I also used FolkArt Pink 413.

& here is what I came up with;

I just wanted to keep this simple & quick I didn’t even paint the lid, but I kind of like the shiny silver. This chick has the cutest colored eggs in her basket! But, I thought I’d give the jar a little pop with the wired eggs on the outside.



So then I painted this spool & block the Easter colors & used the left over Easter floral s & eggs along with jewels. Your probably thinking, what? Hold on let me show you it all together for a simple little table top decor.


One of my chicks got loose & is running away with the eggs! Any way, this is now sitting on my kitchen table which is glass & is giving my home some Easter flair! What did this cost me? $2.49 for ea chick, the spools & blocks I got at Michael s on clearance when they were redoing their isles probably about .99. (now I am wishing I picked up a few more) The floral & eggs on wire were left over from the other project which I promise to share, but were 2.19 + 20%off. Under $10.

Sometimes it is the simple things that make me smile. Sammie has a bunny figurine in her Easter basket maybe he’ll join us on the table this Easter. You can take a peek in yesterday’s post if you missed seeing her basket I made! I also have links to my giveaway which ends today & link up a couple of posts back, so go check it out & grab your chance while you can! & I’d love to have you follow along or subscribe, feel free if you are so inclined!


What are your Easter plans? Have you made something crafty for Easter? I’d love to know~

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  1. Okay Theresa, both of these projects are so cute, and pin worthy! I love the little duck in the mason jar. And the wood spool topiary is so cute. You did good girl!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate the that you say they are pin worthy! I am enjoying them on my table, glad you like them.

    1. I did this project with another & a spring banner with update for my mantel & that is it this year, since we aren’t hosting Easter this year.

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