Free Printable “Morning Page” Coloring Journal Page

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Today I have a free printable “morning page” you can color and write in. We have been trying to spend the last weeks of summer blissfully, not thinking about the impending school year. One of the things Sammie and I both like doing together is drawing, coloring, and journaling. She is in advanced art. All three are fun and relaxing hobbies to try, if you have never taken up art or journaling.

  • Today I’m sharing a free printable journal coloring page you can print and color yourself. 

Free Printable Coloring Page 

Free Printable Journal Coloring Page. Have fun journaling, coloring and filling this free printable page. Grab the printable at DearCreatives.com

I don’t often make pages to give away (just due to time) but, thought you might enjoy a relaxing morning coloring page. I made the page with lines in case you’d like to jot a few of the fun things you did this summer, or want to make a fall bucket list…. 

 Journaling is relaxing

coloring and journaling at the coffee table

Honestly, I’m not sure what I’m going to journal on my page but, printed out a test page, and start coloring it in. I took this pic with my cell phone as it was late in the evening when I was drawing the original journal page.

art supplies - PrismaColor premier colored pencils DearCreatives.com

For my test page I used Prisma colored pencils, and fine tip pens. What I love about these color pencils is that they can be vivid or subtle when drawing. They don’t break easily. 

art supplies fine line markers Prismacolor - DearCreatives.com

The fine line markers are really nice to write with, or outline pencil sketching. 

Working on a Morning Page 

Journaling and coloring while relaxing in the house

I just set my journal on my lap and sketch away while watching shows like Big Brother. I added a few of my favorite things on my page; book, journal, colored pencil, and coffee. You can see Sammie’s Troll coloring book above in the background. What a retro throw back, seriously some fun coloring.

Excuse the messes, we have a new puppy. Our little Chihuahua and our Old English Bulldog go crazy carrying around silk and cotton material and playing tug of war. It’s so funny to watch. She’s so small I had to put a pillow covered with a pillow case (make shift step) by the doggies door so she can get out. We have a ramp on the outside from when Rex was little. 

I must admit, am not a morning person but, I’m trying, and coffee always helps. I added lines, although imperfect. It’s not about perfection it’s about getting it all down on paper and having fun in your journal or on a journal coloring page. 

art supplies PrismaColor Premier Art supplies colored pencils and fine tip pens- DearCreatives.com

Art Supplies for coloring and journaling 

Here’s why these art supplies, and why they are some of my favorites. In case your new to journaling or coloring you might enjoy trying them too. 

PrismaColor Pencils: Comes in a variety of counts based on your needs. 12 count to 150 count. Below, is why I love them, below the next image. 

PrismaColor Premier fine line art markers: These markers are acid-free, permanent, water, and smear resistant. Which are perfect for pages in my journal. Then, I occasionally do mixed media in my journals like this journal page.

Journals are great for experimenting, playing around and even practicing drawing. Occasionally we enjoy using art coloring books, and once I even colored in a music book for kids. Do you enjoy coloring still? 

art supplies 24 pack of PrismaColor color pencil colors shown on the box- DearCreatives.com

I actually was introduced to PrismaColors when I took an art journaling class years ago but, hadn’t played with them in such a long time. What I love about them is they are creamy color pencils. Which means they are softer as they go on. I love how easy they go on paper, and the blending capabilities of these color pencils. What am I getting at? These colored pencils are going to blow your mind once you try them for coloring, journaling and drawing. The colors are even more pretty in person. 

I typically don’t use fine tip pens in all my drawings but, I love how you can write with them in the journal. Or outline your lined pencil drawing. I like to do this before using the colored pencils, since they are waxy. You want to keep the integrity of the pen tip clean. 

Why  journal?

Journaling is a great way to keep your thoughts in check. Especially if you are an over thinker, list maker or artist. You can use journals for a variety of purposes. From practicing sketching and drawing to making gratitude pages. Or bullet lists, healing journal, vision boards to a diary of sorts. You can see more examples of pages on my journaling Pinterest board to help you get started. 

Free Printables Morning Journal Coloring Page - DearCreatives.com

  • Grab your free printable journal coloring page  I hope you enjoy the quick freebie I made, print as many as you like and have fun.
  • (Personal use only. Please share a link to this page if you and not just the link to where to print the printable if you share on your sites. Thank you.)
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Would you like me to make a few more pages for you? Let me know. 

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