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Dear Creatives, Yes it’s Thrifty Tuesday but, I thought I would slip in a post about just winning a contest. & how you can still share your wedding inspiration although the contest is over. April was all about weddings at the Flower Factory & they invited brides and wedding dreamers to share their Dream Wedding Pinterest boards, which is what I did. Now some of you know I don’t write this blog under my real name I reserve that for my art blog which I am going to be redesigning soon & getting a new address for, along with updating but that is a whole other story for later. {choosing wedding flowers & flower tips at end of post}

Any way, I have always loved beautiful flowers & photography not to mention pretty weddings.There has been many back to back these past few years of friends & family. How could I not be inspired by what is out there in blog land & on Pinterest. So I thought I would  give it a shot,take a moment & enter the contest. To my surprise I won! Yes, my curated board was chosen.

Click to enlarge & don’t forget to visit to enter your Wedding Inspiration board

Of course I am a bit honored 50 others entered & it was chosen by floral professionals! ( The 4 others spotlighted have great boards too) I thought I would give you a peek at the article & a link to finish up reading & enter your own wedding pin boards if you have one!! Just leave a link to your board in the comments along with your name.

When it comes to wedding flowers it is important to pick your colors ( but, be flexible ) know what is in season (so you don’t have to spend a fortune!) be able to share your vision with who is creating your designs. Even be willing to have a trial run or mock up done of an arrangement. Price out your items to keep in your budget. If you are doing the floral arrangements yourselves be sure to purchase from a local grower if you can or go to the floral mart. & if you don’t know much about flowers hire a florist by getting a recommendation & interviewing, along with pricing. I have a few other tips maybe I’ll try & put them into one spot for you! Until then check out AboutFlowersBlog.com

Before you go today: Be sure & enter the giveaway! Time is running out! & link up if you have any Earth Day & beyond “Green” posts, I ‘d love to see what you have.

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I’ll be back late with some Thrifty Tuesday goodness 😉

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