Valentine’s Day Stickers Cricut Printable File – Print Then Cut

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Valentine’s Day Stickers Cricut – This is a downloadable Printable File Hi friends! Happy Valentine’s Day. I have a Cricut craft ready for you to print and then cut with your Cricut (or cut by hand). Use the instructions below along with the free print then cut files for personal use only.

This is a free file from me to you lovelies. I have been doing Cricut projects and have more to share soon! I thought you might like these cute designs I combined into a sticker sheet. Looking for something else to make? See all our Cricut Crafts.

Valentine’s Day Stickers

Valentine's Day Stickers - Designed to be printed and cut with Cricut. Or just print then cut them by hand... DearCreatives.com

Enjoy these free files for (personal use only) to make your Valentine’s project or to make and give it to someone to make them smile!

If you enjoy making stickers and crafting, grab a subscription to CreativeFabrica you will love it for designing files using their graphics, PNG, SVG, Fonts, and craft files… An example is the sweet files – Valentine Couple Bundle

And to create your designs in Cricut Get Cricut Access! And use the Beta version to use the latest sticker features! Find other perks with that too!

Cricut Craft For Valentine’s Day

What you need for making stickers with a Cricut and supplies for this project at home

Use the Sticker Files download below. (You might not be able to access the direct file set to go but can try via my link: the files here on Cricut). Since they are not Cricut images you may just have to download and upload them. And follow the instructions below I hope that helps!

Add cute stickers you made with the files to your Valentine’s notes, cards, and planners…

Download The Valentine’s Stickers Printable File

How To Use the Sticker Project File in Cricut

Steps To Use Print Then Cut File In Cricut

  1. Download the file. Save it to your computer.
  2. Open up Design Space. Upload the file.
  3. Once uploaded open up the canvas page and go to my projects. Pick the image and add it to your canvas.
  4. Once on the canvas rotate the file 90 degrees (and then you will need to resize it, after duplicating the image).
  5. Place the two images side by side. Grab both with the curser and resize to size 5.84 x 8.86.
  6. Then flatten and attach the file.
  7. Go to make it.
  8. Following the prompts – Print then Cut.
  9. Send the file using the prompt to your printer. Print the resized file. It will show the layout.
  10. After printing following the prompt choose your sticker paper.
  11. Load your sticker paper onto your mat and use a brayer to secure the printable vinyl (that is printed) on the blue mat.
  12. Press Go (to cut the project).

They have made it even easier to design your own if you have the Beta version of Design Space!

If you don’t have a Cricut you can use Cricut Design Space (for free with sign-up) to layout, resize, and print the files and cut them by hand. Or try using the print file (adjusting to fit the size of the paper) by using your printer.

Do you enjoy making stickers with Cricut’s Print then Cut option? Have you tried making Valentine’s Day Stickers Cricut ?

Valentine’s Day Ideas

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