Good-bye to 2012

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Dear Creatives, With the end of a year comes time of reflection. What things I can do better, maybe somethings I didn’t focus on as much as I should of , a list of things to start a new in the coming year to help me move forward as a better person, artisan, blogger, business owner, writer & all the things I want my family to remember me for. Whether documenting it here or in my art-journal/ journals. Today I am grateful for this year we had with all its victories whether they be big or small & hold dear all the losses or mis-steps as they are teaching us life lessons. I am grateful for each day & thankful for another day of learning, living & sharing….

I am moving forward into the new year with a grateful heart. Thank-you for visiting my site, your comments, getting to know me better, allowing me to be able to meet you & starting a new year together on a new journey, 2013! If your not a follower already I’d love to have you here in the New Year! Subscribe



What were you grateful for in 2012?

In case you missed it a look back on 2012! 

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