Jord Wood Watches: Timeless Stylish Accessory Perfect for Gifting

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Autumn has finally arrived which has me thinking about how quickly this year has flown by before you know it we’ll be shopping for the holidays. Time is that elusive, always fleeting I would just love to capture it in a bottle and let more of it loose when it’s needed. Well, we all know that can’t be done. When I was in NYC trekking around with Sammie there were times I could of used a good watch. Not my cell phone, digging into my purse to find and trying to keep safe from dropping or… I still believe that watches have value and can be a stylish accessory perfect for gift giving.

There has also been times where I’ve been at certain events, family gathering and school functions where you shut off your phone and I could of used a watch to keep track of  time. When working on my photography or writing for the blog time slips away easily, it’s nice to have a watch to keep me on track. Today I’m sharing with you a beautifully made wood watch that would make a perfect gift for yourself or anyone. Jord watches are made for men and women with plenty of wood grain choices. A pictures worth a thousand words so let me share a few photographs along with how we liked the watch.

This is a Jord Ely Maple Watch;

Closeup Hand on hip wearing a watch _Jord Wood Watch_

The minute Sammie saw the watch Jord sent me to review, she thought it was as stylish as I did and had to try it on.

Jord Watch in the box_

The box the Ely wood watch came in is pretty and the pillow is made with a satin like material. Don’t you love the branding on the material? Oh, so pretty.

back of Jord Woman s watch_ 1

What surprised us is how light the watch was. Perfect for wearing and forgetting you have it on. The back cover of the watch is wood too. We loved the feel vs metal against our skin.

Back of watch clasp_

The clasp is a stainless steel single action locking clasp. Which makes for ease of putting your watch on and taking it off.

Wearing a watch_ hand on hip_

We really loved wearing the Ely wood watch. This watch is splash proof but, not water proof.

Jord Watch on woman s wrist with hand in jean pocket

Finally it was my turn to wear the Ely watch. A light, sexy watch that is perfect for everyday use, yet stylish enough for our next trip. Do you still wear watches? If not Jord watches may have you rethinking accessories like time pieces. Like my vintage dresser I gave new life to fitting into my modern home. Jord is making timeless wood watches perfect for anyone wanting a stylish, modern accessory to help keep track of your time.

Do you wear watches? When do you start holiday shopping?

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  1. It’s been years since I wore a watch, but I have been thinking about getting one for my hubs. This would be great for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stacie, Oh the men’s watches they have are quite handsome.Their selection of both men and women’s watches are really great.Thanks for stopping in today and taking the time to comment. See you again soon.

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