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Do you ever find that when you go away for some time that things tend to snowball? Or maybe it’s this past holiday season that has you knee-deep in things that need to be done or get caught upon. Whether it’s life, blogging, or are running a small business that’s finding you needing to be more productive, right now is a great time to set the pace for improving your productivity.

Setting a routine that works for you is important, it will help you stay on track and not feel overwhelmed. I thought I’d share some great articles with tips and tricks, freebies and tools to help you plan to improve and increase productivity! These time management and organizational tips and tools will help you whether you are a busy mom, blogger, or small business owner. I’m sure you’ll find a tip or two that will help you be more productive.

Affiliate links may be included in this post. We earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you. 

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 Productivity Tips

This year I’m hoping to share more helpful articles and tips for bloggers, small handmade businesses, and moms. With us, in the new year, I felt productivity was an important topic. I know things can be a balancing act! Finding tips, tools, and helpful articles can jump-start you in the right direction for being more productive this year. 

Productivity tips for taming your Gmail

I loved these tips for Gmail tips include shortcuts, tips, and tricks. 

Free Printable planners to help you increase planning and productivity 

Are you a blogger? Now is the perfect time to really start planning your year, tracking numbers, setting goals, and tracking your finances. Take a look at this set of free Printables  / Planner that will help you with your meal planning to daily reminders…from GlueSticks.

Free Monthly Budget Printable

When your finances are in order you have less stress and increased productivity. Why not start out the new year with a new budget and track it with this free monthly budget printable from Jessi at the BudgetMama. Jessi even shares how to use the monthly planner.

Tools and tips for Social Media

If you are a blogger using tools like Hootesuite you can pre-plan some of your tweets for Twitter. On Facebook, you can schedule posts if needed. Doing these things free up your time and increase productivity. I’m not saying give up being there to respond at all, just manage your time. Use ViralTag to schedule pins to Pinterest. 

Tools for goal planning, note-keeping, and list-making

Are you ready to ditch the paper and keep your notes online or on your phone? There is always Evernote which I love for computers and iPhone app. but, I just found out about GoogleKeep have you checked it out? Then there are these free productivity apps. Any.do

Productivity and goal planning

31 Days To An Intentional Life is a great series with free printables by Abby at JustAGirlAndHerBlog. I loved her article Getting Things Done & Accomplishing Goals which has links to the printables and other articles. 

52 Small Changes For The Mind – Improve memory, minimize stress, increase productivity, and boost happiness. 

Well, I hope this gets you off to a good start in this first week of the new year. Set your goals, make your lists, fill your calendars, and have an organized and productive year. I have a free printable for goals and a few more articles from last year here

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Ready, Set, Go get productive!

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  1. 3000 emails? Wowzers! Sometime mine get out of hand so I should check out that gmail post. I’ve been working on being more productive by using my editorial calendar consistently. So far, it’s working well. Thanks for putting this list together!

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