Are You Beach Ready? Do You Need Softer Skin? Dead Sea Salt Scrub Review

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Are you beach ready? Flip flops, sandals, shorts, and sun! Summer is here and school is out. We are planning trips that include going to the beach or heading out to our local beach. Every summer I love using scrubs with Dead Sea Salts. I had gotten some before as a gift but, haven’t found a favorite since then. Recently I had the chance to try the exfoliating Dead Sea Salt Scrub with Natural Oils from Adovia.

Today I’m sharing my beauty review along with why this is the perfect time of year to use salt scrubs with oils. This scrub is for your body, hands, and feet! 

Just a few of the benefits of Dead Sea Salt Scrubs are that they have minerals that are really great for your skin. When you use the product on your skin it rejuvenates your skin and exfoliates dead skin cells. The natural oil in this product hydrates your skin.

Beauty Review 

Are You Beach Ready? Dead Sea Salt Scrub With Natural Oils

Beauty Review |Dead Sea Salt Scrub With Natural Oil

You can use scrubs all year long. I love them in winter for my hands, then for my legs and feet in the summer. We live in a dry climate which makes this the perfect thing to add to my beauty regimen. But, honestly, even when I lived in a cooler climate I enjoyed using scrubs with oils. 

Start with clean skin then use the salt scrubs. 

Adovia dead sea salt scrub 3 

About Adovia – The Dead Sea Salt Scrub With Natural Oils 

This Dead Sea Salt Scrub comes nicely packaged in a hard plastic container with plastic covering the top of the product to prevent leaking during shipment. I took a clean knife and went around the edges to pull it off. I automatically smelled the lovely ocean scent, it’s called Ocean Breeze. It is so amazing! All the oils were at the top which is normal as the weight of the salts sinks them to the bottom of the jar. You just take a clean spoon and stir it up. 

It’s important to remember if you use your hands to stir it up that they are clean. You want your nice oils to stay clean and free of bacteria. 

Adovia – The Dead Sea Salt With Natural Oils: 

  • Made with Real Dead Sea Salt – 100%
  • Pure and Genuine for an infusion of 21 Minerals Essential to Proper Skin Function
  • Great Exfoliator and Moisturizer

Beauty Review|Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

This scrub has these ingredients

  • sea salt 
  • dead sea salt 
  • apricot kernel oil
  • avocado oil
  • almond oil
  • fragrance and more

The Benefits

  • Fine Grain Dead Sea Salts Exfoliate the Top Layer of Dead Skin Cells to Reveal a New Younger Looking Layer of Radiant Skin.
  • Deeply Moisturizing Oils Infuse Skin With Luxurious Hydration that Lasts All Day
  • Works Great in The Shower or Bath – Also a Great Hand Exfoliator to use in the Sink or Foot Scrub

Beauty Review |Adovia Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Final thoughts about this product

My final thoughts are that this is a wonderful sea salt scrub and priced well. It feels good on your skin when using it and after it is rinsed off your skin feels so soft. The jar is good-sized, it should last you a while. (maybe 3 months + depending on how often you use it) It does have a wonderful fragrance, I do have sensitive skin but, I had no problems at all. I enjoyed using the Ocean Breeze scrub, it’s scent and how it made my skin feel. I used the entire jar! I will be purchasing this product again as I love it! If you decide to grab a jar I hope you enjoy it as much as I have! 

  • Buy Risk-Free with our 1 YEAR 100%
  • Cruelty-Free No Animal Testing
  • Good for 12 months 
  • Recyclable container

Today’s post was brought to you by BrandBacker and Adovia. These are 100% my own honest opinions, text, and images. 

To purchase or find out more about this beauty product go here ( Adovia – The Dead Sea Salt With Natural Oils )

Do you enjoy using sea salt scrubs? 

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