Summer Chalkboard Art – Under 30 Minute #DIY Chalk Pen Project!

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Today I’m sharing a summer chalkboard art craft project. It is one of our chalkboard art ideas. One of my favorite things to do is write and draw. Honestly, I haven’t had time for either lately. But, this summer I plan on getting back to doing more of it when Sammie is at home. She loves drawing and does it daily. It’s the perfect way for us to spend time hanging out indoors on a hot day.

This is a project I did to kick off her summer, it’s an easy craft idea that was under 30 minutes to complete. 

You don’t need many craft supplies to do this. Just a chalkboard surface and some really good chalk pens. (and a damp rag for mistakes) One of my favorites is these Chalk Ink Pens. They are perfect to write on a variety of surfaces. I used to use them at my job for creating menu boards.

Summer Chalkboard Art 

Chalkboard Craft Project

Now I just use them for fun on surfaces like chalkboard, glass, plastic, and metal. Let me share how easy it is to do it. Don’t worry if your writing isn’t perfect. You can take a wet towel and erase it, then write it again. Or even use carbon transfer paper and a template or stencil. I linked to a tutorial for that.

The other thing is even if your rusty with your writing/hand-lettering skills it’s practicing that will make you better. I haven’t practiced in a long time. I popped this project out in about 15 minutes. Another thing is you can erase your chalkboard at any time with a damp cloth and create anything you want! All summer long I plan on updating this board. 

Chalkboard Sign Ideas for Summer

easy craft projec |Chalk Ink Speech Bubble Illustration

You just might find me sharing a few more fun chalk ink projects real soon. And you might have seen might sneak peek on Instagram? If not you should follow me! I often share behind the scenes activities, nature and… Using these Chalk Ink Markers are fun! 

Summer Chalkboard Art 


Easy Craft Ideas | Chalkboard Craft Project

Easy Craft Ideas 

How to make chalkboard art 

  • Know your writing drawing plan. Don’t want to freehand? Print your design and transfer it (video tutorial) on your board then use the chalk pens. Mine is freehand.
  • I planned in my mind my layout but, you can draw up a sketch on a piece of paper first if you like!
  • Unwrap your new pen. Leave the cap on and shake it to get the ink flowing to the pen tip! Pro Tip: I press it on a paper towel to make sure it’s fully loaded and/or not going to leave a big blot. 
  • Start lettering and drawing. 
  • Make a mistake? Use a slightly damp towel edge to wipe clean or fix. Pro Tip: You could also use a Qtip for detailed fixes.
  • You can create signs for weddings, menus, party boards… Or even make a summer plans board as I did! I have a dry erase board and you could use the chalk pens on there too. 

Easy Craft Ideas | Chalkboard Craft Project

What can chalk pens do? 

Here are a few more details about what chalk pens can do

  • There are various tips on the wet wipe pens. (4 types) My favorite is the chisel style.
  • 30 color choices! 
  • They work on any non-porous surface
  • They come in 2, 4, 8 packs 
  • Note: Always shake marker with the tip on! Trust me! It loads the ink into the tip. Press on a test surface or paper towel first. 
  • Creates without dust
  • You can check them out on ChalkInk another favorite of ours are these chalk pen sets and chalkboard art supplies by Chalkola You can see our Trick or Treat board using them (here).

Easy Craft Ideas | Chalkboard Craft Project | Chalk Ink Pens

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My favorite Chalk Ink Packs


Looking for chalkboard art ideas? Or other home decor ideas? 

Have you used Chalk Ink Pens for your summer chalkboard art? Or other chalkboard art?  

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