Pucker Up! 6 Must Have Beauty Tips For Your Lips!

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Today we are sharing beauty tips for your lips. We are heading into fall cooler temperatures and windy weather. Since we live by the coast we always have to have something on our lips or they get chapped, which is no fun. It can also be uncomfortable and make them look terrible. Today we are sharing 6 must have tips for caring for your lips any time of year! We love having our lips soft, smooth and chap free! Don’t you?? The full list of beauty tips for your lips is later in the post.

One of our beauty go-to items for fall is Chapstick®. They sent over some new items for us to try out for free and offered to give one of our readers the same prize! Woo Hoo! This was perfect timing to try Chapstick® flavors since Sammie made the tennis team and playing after school every day. 

It tends to get super windy here in the afternoons. These winds are called sundowner winds, it’s a coastal weather term. This is when the wind picks up as the sun is setting during the mid to later part of the day. Winds just roll over the mountains whipping through the valleys and our area.

Beauty tips for your lips


ChapStick® has always been known to be America’s favorite lip balm. I agree that it’s is the perfect must-have addition to school bags, gym bags, and makeup bags. Great for outdoor sports! Notice Sammie’s haircut? She donated her hair for kids with cancer. We’ll tell you all about that another day.

  • ChapStick® really is a great product that is a tried and true skincare staple that helps keep lips smooth and healthy all school year long.


I had Sammie pick out some to try. She picked the Classic Cherry. My new favorite is Aloha Coconut.


She was super excited to get to try a few new flavors and add them to her tennis workout bag. Honestly, she grabbed the entire container and ran. lol


We are both excited to have ChapStick® for our trip to New York / New Jersey this fall.

Lip Care


How to Care For Your Lips

  • Stay hydrated during fall and winter just as you would other times of the year; *Drink lots of water!
  • Don’t lick your lips!
  • Gently exfoliate your lips if necessary (by using a lip scrub gently with a warm compress, when lips are dry put on lip balm)
  • If needed try ChapStick® medicated lip balm for extra healing properties
  • Keep moisture in the air of your home by boiling water in a kettle and steaming air or using a humidifier
  • Always protect your lips from harsh elements; the sun, wind, cold air, dry air…


 Sorry The Giveaway has ended! 




  • Disclosure: We did receive ChapStick® for free and were compensated for sharing our honest thoughts and hosting this giveaway.
  • ChapStick® website: http://bit.ly/1NR21t3


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  1. We go through lip balms as if they were made by Jesus himself. Audrey thinks they are lipstick and make her feel grown-up. I love them because I always end up with cracked lips from sleeping with my mouth open. So I leave some on my dresser to put on before bed.

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