Updating Your Blog? Starting a New Blog? Must See WordPress Theme Designs

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Are you looking for a WordPress Theme Design? You may remember when I updated my site a few years ago. Right now is the perfect time for bloggers to update their sites. Or the perfect time to start a blog. WordPress is a great platform to work on.

I have blogging tips for you when it comes to blog designs. And a few experiences I rather forget, and ended up costing me money. Don’t make my mistakes. Find the best WordPress Themes. Let me share how I found the best blog themes. 

WordPress Theme Design

When I updated my site I looked at a lot of design templates for blogs. I also looked for someone who offered support since I had just been through the worst experience ever, and almost quit blogging.

I searched high, and low. Finally, decided on Restored Designs 316. I was familiar with Lauren’s blog templates. My first ever WordPress site was with one of her designs. But, at the time I didn’t know her site, or the support. I purchased it elsewhere.

WordPress Designs for Women

Anchor WordPress Theme from Restored Designs 316

Then I made the mistake of going with another designer, and that designers coder. My experience wasn’t good. Although the site was visually pretty, after time it was coded in a way that I couldn’t update it. I could go on, and I probably could write a book about all the hiccups, expenses to fix, and mishaps. It was that bad.

Let’s move onto the good. Restored Designs 316 has an excellent support team, a Facebook Group for bloggers who all use her blog templates, and you can submit tickets on her site if you are stuck. Another great thing is on the site are video tutorials, and written tutorials for setting up your site, and changing colors… This can make it so much easier when customizing your site. 

With the videos I was able to do all the work myself. When I had a list of changes that included special coding I couldn’t do I submitted a list and asked for an estimate. I was able to have that work done by Lauren, and her team. They are fast, and efficient, and affordable. 

The newest design that came out is Anchored Theme. It’s very similar to the theme I’m using. I use Market Theme. These website designs are so pretty, feminine, and made for women. Women bloggers, and women who run online businesses. 

Any of Restored 316 Designs might be the perfect feminine, fast (responsive), and packed blog themes for you! But, Anchored Theme is the best yet! But, you can see all her designs, and features on her site

Anchor WordPress Theme from Restored Designs 316

Anchored WordPress Theme Design features

  • Automatic Plugin Features
  • Woo Commerce Ready 
  • Air Tight Security and SEO
  • Styled to WP Recipe Maker (with a tab for jumping straight to the recipe) Which is an awesome feature for food bloggers. 
  • See all Anchor Theme’s Features, and video overview. (there are just too many to mention)
  • Or sign up for the Anchor Explored Workshop (it’s free, and informative)

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Anchored Theme

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