Easy Noel Paper-Craft Banner & Noel Fabric Banner Design DIY

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This Christmas season we are traveling and spending time with family. Although we are traveling I thought I’d create a few more last minute decor items to make our home look a bit festive without putting up a tree. I can hear you saying no tree? Well, no. Why go through all the trouble of putting one up if your not even going to be around to enjoy it? Can you image our kitty cats in the tree? Ornaments breaking and chaos happening when we aren’t home to manage them, ahem. End of story and onto my paper-craft banner Noel diy

It’s been a little while since I shared any of my Cricut paper-craft projects. Do you ever feel like there is never enough time? Well the nice thing about having any of Cricut’s die cutting machines is that you can use other people’s designs, design your own and lay them out in the program, set it and cut away. Then put together your banner in no time flat! Or other projects. Seriously, this has been my go to investment for crafting and I have never looked back.

Noel banner_papercrafts diy_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

First thing I did was cut out the card stock holiday paper. I used Recollections Signature Paper Pad (acid and lignin free) Believe I purchased the 12 x 12 card stock book at Michaels Crafts. I decided on two different papers, alternating for banner flags, same color pattern for mini background and same color with texture for letters. I made my cuts on my Cricut Explore and laid it out without gluing first. 

Ruler measuring where to mark placement for noel background on paper-craft_©2014 DearCreatives.com

 Then I took my ruler and measured from the bottom center and marked lightly with a pencil where I’d place each background on the banner for each one. 

Stringing ribbon through the top of the banner_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Next I put my ribbon through a big holed needle and threaded it through the top of the banner. I leave it on the spool until I know exactly where I want to cut it. Sometimes I measure my area first and cut it but, it’s nice to have a little extra for trimming the ends. 

Noel Banner Steps_ PaperCrafts_2_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

Then I glued down the banner back with my Elmer’s re-positional glue stick for all four banners at the spot I pre-marked them. Next I add the lettering I used my Zig 2 way glue since the lettering was textured paper. Both dry clear. 

Noel Banner Hanging from a mantel_Noel Banner DIY_papercrafts_© 2014 DearCreatives.com

I can’t take credit for this design for the paper-craft diy but, if you want to make it or any it other  project you just head over to Cricut’s Home/Make page for all your inspiration when your done here. I got the tag free with the layout and cuts for this Noel already done. What did it cost me for the pattern/layout? .99 that’s it! Talk about time saving and value!

The original design by Anna Rose was made with Fabric!

  • Maybe the next one I make I’ll try with holiday fabrics! I did make a few changes to the design though  but, to see full design visit Anna Rose’s Noel Design
  •  If you are looking for a great gift to give someone who loves crafts right now you can save up to $198 on Cricut Explore® Bundles! 
  • I can’t believe how low they are this season! Cheaper than when I got mine on sale! Regular bundles $415.94 Now Ultimate Bundles as low as $239.99! But, go see all the offers available right now. If your looking for yourself or someone else this is the lowest I’ve ever seen them! Bonus bundles are packed with goodies you need like the cutting mats, tool kits and more depending on the bundle you choose. 
  • Feel free to ask me questions about the Explore or other needed items. I’d be more than happy to help you. 

Then of course if you own a die cut machine you can grab the free image cuts of the week and use it for your projects. Each week new ones are being shared. I really like doing this for seasonal decor too! 

 Do you have a die cutting machine? Do you enjoy paper-crafts? 

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