Make 2014 Successful! Personal and Blog Goal Setting: Free #Printables for Both

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A new year and a new set of goals. My goals used to be based on what I needed to get done and not always on “me”. Does “me” sound selfish? When your raising a family it seems they come first. With that said supporting their health, happiness, development, future and daily needs comes first. Sometimes the “me” gets lost in the shuffle and before you know it years have gone by where you didn’t do anything for you! The “me” is lost in the shuffle.Take note, I am not saying neglect your family for “me” or “you”. What I am saying is set aside the time you need for you, your personal happiness and development. And if you are single don’t let work or friends make you forget to take time for you and your goals! Today I am sharing a few “me” things along with that I have made a few free printable s you can use for yourself and your blogging goals.

Besides the personal and blog printables I have a free resources for a monthly calendar, ad stats and monthly goals and blog tips listed below.

I started my blogging to hold myself accountable to my art and creativity. Like all goals they change and morph constantly. I went from casually blogging to being more serious about it. But, towards the end of the year I saw that some of the things I loved or wanted to do got lost in the shuffle. Taking care of “me” and my art.

Art Journaling Reminder_journaling page_journal_Theresa Huse 2014

I need to get back to creating, painting and journaling more. Journaling clears my head and allows me to write and visualize my goals as they shift and take care of “me”. Last year I was so busy blogging that those four plus hours a day set aside for art grew less and less. Although I took over 7000 photographs, crafted and sewed my paint brushes were dry way to much. A new journal book awaits. Maybe to hold myself accountable I will start a series and share how to create journal pages with you. Don’t worry if you don’t draw you can cut out magazine images, print graphics….cut, glue, paste and write. Have you ever journaled? Or created a life journal book? I have been looking into those as I used to scrapbook quite a bit. And love crafting with paper. I’ll get back to all this another day!

Another personal goal of mine is to take the time to get more fit, organized and dig deeper into blogging! Don’t be surprised if you see posts on those topics this year.

I decided to create two free printable pages dedicated to personal goals as you adjust them during the year just x out the New Years.

Again, these are both free, click and print on portrait setting on standard computer paper or pretty card stock if you want to add it to a journal page. Just click images open and print from there. These are for personal use only. Please link back if sharing!

Personal Goals_© 2014

It’s important to set Smart goals : Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Rewarding, Time Bound.

Then redefine them as you meet your goals. This way you won’t get overwhelmed or side tracked. Two things that are easily done when you have a lot of things on your plate. Here is a great article on personal goal setting.

New Years Blogging Goals_© 2014

And of course if you are a blogger you will need another set of goals specific to that!

Here is a list of a few free blogging planners to help you with your year:

Another goal of mine is to master at least at a workable level either Photo Shop or Illustrator. “Sigh” this will be a big challenge maybe a class will be needed. I wanted to do this last year but, time slipped away. I think I’ll be taking some short classes from SkillShare. Have you heard of them? If you are interested in taking any classes I’d love to refer you to this sponsor check SkillShare class offerings here. The classes range from blogging, business, writing, design and so much more! I think you’ll love them!

Now not only these goals but, I have a big trip planned for this coming May! When my oldest is having her baby. This is where you come in. If  one of your blogging goals was to guest post on a blog now is your chance to apply to guest post here for me. Ya! I will set up a place on the navigation bar where you can go to, fill out and submit to guest post right here on Dear Creatives. In the meantime just email me, you can find email on about page. Put May Guest Post Opp “May” in email subject headline. Don’t forget to subscribe! And see sidebar for all the ways to follow along! I hope you make time for yourself and your goal setting!

What goals have you set for yourself for this year?

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  1. It is important to make time for yourself for sure. When you do get your journaling on, please join us for Random Journal Day the first Friday of every month! Actually we usually share from our journal archives…but all kinds of journal pages are welcome!

    Very inspiring post. Smart goals, check. Blog planning, check!
    Happy New Year!

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