Back To School Style Must Haves For The Middle Or High School Student!

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We are planning and picking back to school supplies. Since Sammie is in her first year of high school there will be a few things that she’ll need to up her game. We are excited to share a few school supplies that we are crushing on for her backpack and room this year. 

Also we have been doing a little bit of rearranging and organizing in her room. We can’t wait to share a few fall home decor updates that we have done for back to school. Sammie has a ying / yang relationship with her room. Some week’s it’s pretty and organized. Other’s it’s in utter chaos. Sound familiar? We can’t wait to share some ideas, tips and updates that we’ve done to help her stay organized. So, stay tuned.

School Supplies


Back To School School Supplies Stylish School SuppliesPersonal Planner Binder (only)  | To Do Planner Inserts  | Magnetic Clips | Scottie Dog Mini StaplerWith today’s post we have included a few desk items, planning items and backpack items to make her home/school life a bit easier. We hope these ideas will help you with your back to school planning. Our favorites are the mini cat tape dispenser, scottie dog mini stapler, coffee and camera paper clips  and the happy planner stickers

We already purchased her a deluxe rotating organizer for her desk. This helps keep all her pens, paper clips, push pins and pencils handy but, organized.

back to school supplies | student planner

A student planner will be a must this year. We have found several we love. This cute 5.5 x 8.5 small size planner is adorable for tracking it all. It does come separate from the binder.

I’ve always loved using planners myself for scheduling and running my blog. It’s a great way for students to keep track and learn the business skills of planning. Perfect for them to track study and test dates, picture days, try outs, plays, dances and more. 

Planner Stickers

To make it more fun why not ad planner stickers?? The ones shown above come with 95 planning stickers. Adorable! 

Craftmate Folio Zippered Supply Pouch

Another thing we found and loved loved is the zipper craftmate folio. Perfect for the creative student who needs to keep their pens, pencils, scissors, notes and more organized and handy.

What’s a planner or craftmate without pretty kawaii planner pens?? This is our favorite set of gel pens they are a planner or creative girl a must have. They are erasable, have pen closures and last long! Such pretty colors too! Other must have’s are sharpie high lighters, index cards and notebooks

Have you started organizing, shopping for back to school supplies yet?? 

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