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Ski Trip Packing List + What To Wear To The Snow

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Are you getting ready for a trip to the snow, or a ski trip? Or traveling to the snow soon? No matter when you plan a snow trip (winter or spring) I think this post will help you decide what to wear on a ski trip, snow outfits, and what to pack for a ski trip. Plus, since I had to help my teen pack, who had a chance to head out for her first 4-day long weekend snow trip with her youth group, I made a ski packing list and am sharing it with you. This will be helpful to anyone heading on a trip to the snow. 

We hope these snow outfit ideas help you stay warm and dry when you are out in the snow. Looking for something else? See our travel posts. 

When I was a teen we used to go to the snow quite a bit. Then my brother moved to Lake Tahoe, California. We occasionally visit during the winter months. I know first hand how important it is to be prepared for weather that isn’t typical of where you live. We live in Central, California and it can get cold but, never snows! 

I am happy, I was able to help Sammie get the right snow gear, cold weather outfits for her trip. I have to admit snow can be fun if you are in the proper clothes and don’t get wet. Or have you miserable if you don’t have the right gear. I thought we would share a few outfits for the snow that might help you. Are you ready to pack for your snow weekend? 

  • Looking for other women’s fashions and outfit ideas? Search fashion or see our lifestyle posts. 

Snow Outfits 

Outfit ideas for a ski trip. Free packling list and travel planner printable packet. DearCreatives.com #skitrip #outfitideasskitrip #packinglist #travelplanner #dearcreatives

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Besides playing in the snow it was going to be Sammie’s first time skiing and snowboarding. All the other gear was going to be provided at the slopes, skis, ski boots…

Ski Outfit - What to wear to the snow and skiing - Teen ready to go skiing, standing in the snow with ski gear. DearCreatives.com

Where to buy snow outfits? 

There are so many places to buy ski outfits, gear, and vetted name brands. We decided to try Amazon’s Try Before You Buy, which you can do if you have Amazon Prime. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, which we love btw you can Try Prime for 30 days before you decide if you like it. We are going to share what we picked for the snow trip and why. Hopefully, this will help you especially if you are heading out to the snow, snowboarding, or a first-time ski trip. 

How to Use Amazon’s Prime Wardrobe

  1. Select your clothes 3 or more items, add them to your Prime Wardrobe Cart
  2. Try them at home
  3. Check out and return

They send a packing slip with items, prices and you are only charged for purchases you do not return. Shipping to and from is free with Prime. 

We selected 2 pairs of boots, 2 pairs of ski pants, 2 ski jackets, bib overalls for the snow for her to try. If we weren’t sure of the size we got two different sizes. You can pick up to 8 items per shipment.

Below we share the ski essentials we kept and why we chose them. All the try before you buy is included with your Prime benefits. If you are a student you can get a 6-month trial

Winter clothes for a snow trip - ski trip Outfit ideas for the snow and what to pack for the snow. DearCreatives.com

Ski Trip Packing List 

  1. Water Resistant Insulated Jacket (with or without hood) 
  2. Beanie 
  3. Scarf
  4. Snow gloves
  5. Waterproof boots – Snow boots (grab tips for picking the right snow boots below)
  6. Snow/Ski Pants
  7. Ski Bibs 
  8. Thick socks and socks
  9. Thermal T-Shirt 
  10. T-Shirts
  11.  Windbreaker
  12. Googles if snowboarding or skiing (these ones are inexpensive for the quality) and or sunglasses
  13. Leggings 
  14. Jeans
  15. Outfits for indoors
  16. Pajamas 
  17. Underwear
  18. Sunscreen
  19. Lip balm
  20. Cell phone, Cell phone Charger 
  21. Camera 
  • Free Printable packing list at bottom of the post! 

Ski Trip Outfits Ideas 

Snow outfit - what to pack for a snow trip - Plus printable ski packing list - Teen in ski bib overalls ready to hit the ski slopes. -DearCreatives.com
Women’s Insulated Bib Overalls

She found having both a pair of snow pants and insulated bib overalls was perfect for the trip. If one needed to dry from being out all day in the snow she had the other pair for heading outdoors for sledding or other snow activities. 

Women’s Insulated Bib Overalls

Bib Overalls for the snow- What to wear to the snow. DearCreatives.comHow to stay warm in the snow? What to wear to the snow? 

  • Layering is key 

  • Keep your head, hands, and feet warm. Wear the right clothes.

  • Water-resistant and water-proof. 

Our favorite outfit picks for having a fun snow trip. 

where to buy ski outfits - ski pants for women and other tips for buying snow outfits DearCreatives.com

Winter brings all the snow to Lake Tahoe and other ski areas nearby. When heading to the snow for a day of play or a ski weekend can be awesome if you are dressed and know how to stay warm for skiing, snowboarding, or getting out in the snow. If not it can be plain, miserable. You get wet, cold…

snow pant pocket - tips for picking out snow outfits DearCreatives.com
deep pockets with zippers, adjustable waistband, waterproof snow pants…

I remember being a teen without the right gear, my mom would spray our pants with some kind of water repellant. But, my jeans would still get wet. Which meant wet pants that got freezing cold, with me in them. When done with playing in the snow, my skin red, burning, and taking forever to warm up. There was no way I was letting that happen. From experience, we know better now. Cold and wet typically equals getting sick and even getting frostbite. 

Ski pants - ski outfits for women - where to get ski trip essentials DearCreatives.com
adjustable waistband

What we liked about these ski pants

  • Insulation: 85 Grams ThermaTech insulation that keeps warmth in and cold out
  • Adjustable waist for a comfortable fit. Adjustable waist allows the pant to fit comfortably regardless of layers
  • Machine washable go here for more details or to purchase
  • Zipper pockets
  • Plenty of loops for ski tickets…
  • The bottom of the pants are reinforced at the ankle, scuff and hem guards to hold up against daily wear and tear

And most of all they are affordable for all the features. 

Ski Jackets for women

ski jackets for women - hooded ski jacket with inside pockets -Colombia brand DearCreatives.com

Ski jackets can be expensive. But, ask yourself this what else will you use the ski jacket for? If you read our blog you know we don’t live in the snow. But, temperatures can dip in the winter to the twenties. Be sure to get the right ski jacket for you based on your needs. Both for the snow and get “use” from your jacket for when you are back home. 

  1. Do you live in the snow? Then maybe you can spend more money? It’s an investment and you want longevity, plus all the benefits of using it daily. 
  2.  If you don’t live in the snow consider a good brand that will be waterproof, keep you warm and that can be used as outerwear other times in non-snow conditions. 

At the snow slopes for a ski trip - what to wear to the snow, and skiing - Tips for picking out snow gear. DearCreatives.com

Things to consider when getting a ski jacket

  1. Fit
  2. Room for layering and moving without jacket being snug
  3. Water-resistant or waterproof
  4. Insulated fabric
  5. Lightweight (or heavier depending on usage)
  6. Hooded ski jacket or no hood ski jacket (some jackets have hoods where you can roll the jacket into them, handy for packing or rolling up when you get too warm)
  7. Pockets  (what type, how many, deep pockets, zippered to protect keys or other items?)
  8. Drawstring bottom 

At first, Sammie tried this ski jacket with a hood. The jacket fits her but, didn’t allow for room for layering. It was size small. When considering getting a lighter jacket you might want room for layers to help you when it’s colder.

  • Take note of the jackets they have the new material technology that keeps them light and allows for protection from freezing temperatures

ski outfits women - women's ski jacket DearCreatives.com

Our pick– We picked the flash-forward down jacket in a medium size. A ski jacket that would be good for winter, to keep out the cold, wind, and rain. You can see how easily she moves in it in this post with a video. She pulled it out to wear when we were hiking on the coast this winter. Plus, she uses it for going to school in the morning when it dips below 40 degrees. When skiing, she also used this ski jacket with a fur hood that she had, that her sister gave her to use. 

The features we liked for this ski jacket is that it was a lightweight outer fabric with 100% 650 Fill Power Down and water-resistant fabric, which is a must if snowing or light rain. Or falling in the snow. 

  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Binding at cuffs Bonded baffle construction
  •  Insulation: 100% 650 Fill Power Down
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • 650 fill power down Insulation
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Binding at hem

Another alternative depending on the time of year you are heading to the snow is a down vest

How to pick out Snow Boots

fur lined snow boots - how to pick snow boots for a trip to the snow and other travel tips - DearCreatives.com

Girls don’t wear your Uggs to the snow. It will just wreck them. You can use them for just going in/out of the house to the car to run errands… They are meant to keep you warm but, aren’t made for outdoors in the snow. A good boot that is waterproof is what you need. These snow boots were awesome (snow boots with Thinsulate) but, since we don’t live where it’s that cold all the time. They weren’t the right pick for us. 

Solomon Women’s Ultra Winter Boot

Salomon Women's X Ultra MID Winter CLIMASALOMON Waterproof Hiking Boots

Waterproof boots for the snow - Tips for traveling to the snow. What to wear and what to pack - DearCreatives.com

Sorry about the photo, it’s not the best. I took it rather quickly. This is the waterproof winter boot she picked. Pop over to see the images or to buy. We thought it would be great for hiking since we go to the coast and mountains on hikes too. Plus, more versatile for our climate, when she is not in the snow. We really liked this tall waterproof winter boot too but, opted for the shorter one, which we sent back. 

Should you get snow boots that are insulated or not insulated? 

  1. You want your boots to have rubber bottoms, so they will stay dry and you won’t slip. 
  2. Certain hiking boots do are waterproof check the make of the boots you are looking at.
  3. Do you live in the snow? Consider getting a waterproof boot that is taller and insulated. 
  4. Are you visiting the snow? Get a versatile pair of boots that you can use for hiking for times you are not in the snow.

We fit all her snow stuff packed into our favorite () suitcase plus, she took my leather duffle for boots, shoes, and jackets. 

Ski Trip Packing List 

Ski Trip Packing List- Travel Planner Printable - Plus Snow Outfits and What to Wear - DearCreatives.com

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