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Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat & Summer Boredom!

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Today I’m sharing a few things we’ve been doing to beat the summer heat and entertainment boredom busters. It’s been a while since I posted about any books I’ve been reading or shows I’ve been watching. You know we are getting into the summer lifestyle where staying cool means staying indoors. That means lots of entertainment where you lay kind of low, pull up a big bucket of ice with a glass of ice tea and sit under a fan. Got air conditioning? Even better! Top 5 ways to beat the heat! Especially if you don’t have a pool or air conditioning! 

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Most of you know I live in Central, CA where it can get quite hot and short of leaving this part of the state we have a few things we love to do to keep cool. Topping our list is going to the movies! Big giant ICEE s!! What flavor is your favorite? Cherry or Blue Raspberry? Or other flavors?

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

Stop Summer Boredom 

Top Ways to Beat Summer Heat

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

  1. Summer Movies

Ahh, the air conditioning! Settle in with popcorn, Icees and check these movies out! So far we saw Terminator Genisys (R). If you have watched all the Terminator movies this is a must-see. Packed full of action, good storyline, and moments of sweet. You won’t be bored. We did take Sammie this is the first Terminator movie shes seen. I’ll have to watch a few older ones with her as she enjoyed the movie. Of course, the imagery is amazing with today’s technology and all its action. Wonder if the older ones would bore her or she’d get into the storyline?

We did counterbalance that with Inside Out (PG). Which was a lot sadder than expected. There were happy, fun and cute moments along with that but, it really touches you. We both had moments of tears. Call us sappy but, somehow Disney movies always do brings us to tears. Not sure that super young kids would enjoy the movie. If you have young kids did they see it? If you saw either did you enjoy them? 

Watching movies

Topping our list of movies to see in Jurassic World. I’d love to continue the series of movies that I’ve always enjoyed. And possibly Star Wars. Both iconic films. But, typically we wait until they are released to our local cable channel. We just line up a few to see when it’s sweltering hot and can sit in air conditioning for several hours while slurping our Icees. Here’s a site where you can see all/any of the trailers mentioned along with an article if you like to find out more about these movies. What movies have you seen that you can recommend to us? 

Listening to Music

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

2. Listen to Music

We love listening to all kinds of music. Early morning walks, then indoors with the house locked up and fans blowing. Both Sammie and the Mr. play instruments so they are always working on songs. Sammie and I enjoy pop, rock and classic rock the most. I also like jazz. My favorite app. is Shazam for grabbing songs I love. 

I’m not a huge country fan but, do like country music. You know everyone is talking about the split up between Miranda Lambert and Blake Sheldon! It’s always sad to see anyone breakup. This power couple is one we have watched together for so long it’s sad to see. But, her video Little Red Wagon was that a sign? The swimsuit from the shoot is this Red Hot On Piece Swim Suit or she made it look red hot that for sure. She starts out her video in a pair of cut off shorts   red wrap top and Tony Lama Red Boots and red heart sunglasses. Wishing them both the best in their new separate lives.

Wayward Pines

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

3. Television 

We like to wind down our nights by watching shows while sitting under our ceiling fan with the slider doors open. But, if it’s really hot we might watch a show during the day. I’ve finished the season/series of Game of Thrones and True Detective (season 1) neither one is for anyone squeamish. *Do not watch when kids are in the room! The storylines are great, the stories captivating but, there is quite a bit of violence in both and adult themes. I end up covering my eyes or screaming in True Detective. The finale of season one True Detective was super hard to watch but, I managed. I had to watch something after so I didn’t think about it! Crazy, good. Neither of these shows can be watched with kids around! I didn’t even let Sammie in the room when watching. 

I was sucked into another season of the Bachelorette but, I won’t be home to see who she picks. I’ll have to remember to record it. Not that I can’t find out from social media. This season has been the worst by far. Sometimes I like mindless television. 

Shows I’ve enjoyed Monday’s  Major Crimes, Tuesday’s Rizzoli and Isles Thursday’s Wayward Pines which was only to be one summer short series but, people have been getting into it and they may bring it back. I hope they do as the storyline has gotten really interesting. The finale is today! It reminds me a bit of a series I watched years ago called Twin Peaks. Uh, does that date me?? If you are in the dark about the series here’s the Wayward Pines Fox Trailer  I love Matt Dillon in this along with the other actors. But, not sure they’ll be back if they continue it. 

What shows or movies have you watched? I need to find out some new ones! 

Reading a book

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

4. Books 

Keep cool reading under a fan! I have a stack of books I haven’t started and only one I have finished. I need to catch up on reading. Sammie has given me her Enders Game Series by Orson Scott Card to read. But, I’ve been checking out Editors Picks for Best Books  Best Books of the Year  I decided since seeing the show I’m starting with Wayward Pines by Blake Crouch since I loved the show so much. The Wayward Pines show was based on the trilogy of books Blake Crouch wrote. You can read it on Kindle if you have Prime or grab it to read. As far as keeping cool we also like heading to our local library for a stack of free books and resources. What have you been reading? 

mom and daughter crafting

Top 5 Ways To Beat Summer Heat

5. Crafting 

If it’s not too extremely hot I enjoy crafting. I’m just setting up my Cricut Explore  (since then they have come out with the Cricut Explore Air ) Both are on sale now. In case you’ve been thinking of getting one. You can view my projects under papercrafts / Cricut crafts. I am also setting up my sewing machine for new projects. I won’t be getting to them until after I travel up north to watch my daughter’s kids while they go on an anniversary long weekend. I have projects that I’m excited to get started when I return. I did just receive this book Paper Jewelry 55 projects for reusing paper from Schiffer Publishing. I’m going to try a few projects from it, then share my thoughts on the book. What do you enjoy crafting or sewing in the summer? 


Bonus Ways To Beat Summer Heat & Summer Boredom! 


What’s your favorite way to beat the heat?

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  1. Ice cream is by far my favorite way to beat the heat! 🙂 I also need some new books to read since I’m pretty much marooned to being home with all of my little ones.

  2. I had no idea Inside Out was going to be sad. I wasn’t ready for that. However, it was a good movie, and I’m glad it ended on a happy note, of course. 🙂
    We have spent plenty of time at the library this summer and crafting is totally our thing.

    1. We enjoy swimming too but, sometimes it’s over 105-110* and it’s too hot to be outside too. Nobody wants to get scorched from the sun. lol I wish we had a pool in the backyard.

  3. HI! These are good ideas — they will probably be on top of my list the rest of the summer! With my recent foot surgery, I haven’t figured out how to get out of the house yet! (There are big stairs leading up to my house.) LOL! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. HI! These are good ideas — they will probably be on top of my list the rest of the summer! With my recent foot surgery, I haven’t figured out how to get out of the house yet! (There are big stairs leading up to my house.) LOL! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

    1. Hi Lauen, Hope your recovering well & adjusting until your all healed. It’s been a mellow summer here. I’m out of town helping family this week.

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