Fashion Shoes: Alterre Leather Sandals w/ Changeable Straps

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Recently we had the opportunity to try out a new innovation shoe line. They are new fashion shoes being designed in NYC. The basis of these fashions were born with the idea of having the convenience of multiple shoes with inter-changeable straps. Good for traveling and getting more than one look. Today I’m sharing our thoughts and experience with Alterre shoes. 

We gave them our feedback to help them with fine tuning their pre-launch information. Now, I’d love to share how we liked the shoes we tried. I opted for the leather sandals over the mules being summer time. They only have two designs they come in three leather colors but, the straps come in a larger variety to change the look. 

As stated by Alterre; Ever carry multiple pairs of shoes to work? Or struggle with picking only a couple shoes to take on your next trip that would match everything? Alterre shoes were created with you in mind. All of their shoes are designed in our New York Studio. They donate 5% of the proceeds to the women’s abuse shelter Restore NYC, so you get to do good while you look good.

Fashion Shoes:

Alterre Leather Sandals w/ Changeable Straps

Alterre Shoes Leather sandals with inter-changable straps

I ordered the shoes in my size. The fashion shoes itself fit fine but, the straps for the sandals “Elise in Stingray” were too short to be comfortable around my ankle. Then I had Sammie try and they fit her a little better but, she felt they were even a little tight for her.

Buckling a leather sandal

Fashion Shoes:

One of our recommendations to Alterre was to make the straps a little longer. I don’t know if they will implement that suggestion or not. But, I did see they did implement my check out suggestion to note which straps are included with the lift (shoe). 

Buckling  Leather Sandals

We both agreed that the fashion shoes, “Tilda in the Evening” worked better. It was easy to change the shoe straps out. These straps worked better as they have the laces and are slip on. (if you even need to adjust them) We didn’t need to adjust the laces. 

Alterre Shoes with "Elise in Stingray" straps

The fashion shoes came promptly in a very pretty box. Everything was well packed with tissue and to keep the shoes shape. They also included a card with how to but, it’s pretty straight forward how to change the straps. Several other cute cards and a lovely cotton drawstring bag for the other straps. The sandals heel is 1.5″ so they are a lower heel. 

Alterre Leather Shoe How You Change Look

We can change the shoes to 3 different looks with two straps. You slip the shoe strap around the base of the shoe and it attaches through a little hole in the leather. Not sure how time, taking shoe on and off will affect how it lasts? But, works easily and stays well. The third look is just leaving the straps off but, I wouldn’t wear them out and about like that. 

Close Up of Leather Sandals

I had Sammie model them for me as she actually could wear all three looks. I have to admit I was really disappointed the “Elise in Stingray” straps were too short to work for me. They are so pretty in person. I know I would of loved wearing them! 

Alterre Shoes with Tilda in the Evening Straps

These are good quality leather, made well and very comfortable. We just aren’t sure if we are in love with the design blue/grey straps. As mentioned my favorite was the “Elise in Stingray” but, it was the “Tilda in the Evening” that worked best for both of us. 

Fashions Juniors Women Striped Dress and Leather Shoes

In my feedback I shared that when I saw the pricing I think of a pair of good leather boots and not sandals or mules that have inter-changeable straps. They are priced high end. If they were a little less of the price and the straps similar in price I can see purchasing a pair. It’s just not in my budget to spend top dollar for shoes unless it’s for a very special occasion or great pair of boots that will last a long time. Even then I try to get designer fashions and fashion shoes on sale. That’s just me.


They fit Sammie but, are slightly long on her as they are a half size bigger. I did order my size. Sammie’s dress is from Target we picked it up on sale for school and her new glasses are from Walmart. But, we haven’t even started our end of summer back to school shopping yet. Have you? 

Striped Dress close up

Since we received these for free to give them feedback I didn’t expect them to send a different size to see if that would of made a difference. Honestly, if they did they probably would of been too long/big. If they fix the strap length these would be perfect. 

Alterre Mule Leather Shoe

I do love the mule shoe base. You don’t see the metal with the traps attached. The mule comes with a 2.5″ heel. Each leather shoe comes with 2 sets of straps priced $180. and you can buy more straps for $45. at the time of the post. Pricing subject to change. 

Alterre Mule Leather Shoe with straps

We received this fashion shoes review opportunity via Brandbacker and Alterre in exchange for our honest feedback in their pre-launch survey campaign. I thought I’d share the shoes with you all and see what your thoughts are. And let you know about them if you’d like to check them out. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our posts! 

You an visit Alterre shoes at and there is a how to video on their site to see how it all works. 

What is the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes? Have you ever heard of Alterre Shoes before? What do you think about the concept? 

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