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Always Misplacing Things You Love? Travel? Gift Idea and Must Have Solution!

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We are busy people, we love to travel. Whether it’s a simple day trip, tournaments for Sammie’s tennis or the occasional trips across the country. I don’t know about you but, when I head out for my errands or trips I occasionally misplace, and lose things. Even big things like my camera, that we bring everywhere with us. 

Nobody likes losing stuff do you? Have you ever misplaced or lost something of value? Did you freak out? Did you find it? Or not? Today’s solution for finding things can even be a gift idea

Have you heard of Tile, Tile Mate? Let me tell you about today’s great find, and how you can find your special things like a BOSS! 



Gift Idea that is perfect for anyone who loses things or misplaces things all the time. Find it like a boss! See how at DearCreatives.com

Let me you too often I’ve had really close calls with losing something of value. We had been shopping in our favorite coastal town. It was an all girls day trip.

Avila Beach California © 2017 DearCreatives.com

First, taking photos at the beach, and then we headed into town to shop, and stopped at our favorite coffee shop. After sitting down at the café for coffee I reached into my hand bag for my wallet but, it wasn’t there?

Coffee Shop Sign © 2017 DearCreatives.com

Odd, I thought I had it with me. I was frantic. Re-tracing in my mind everywhere we had gone. Little did I know, (I am lucky) a shop keeper where I last paid for something saw it, and put it behind the counter for me, hoping I would come back. 

Travel photo Avila Beach California DearCreatives.com

Me frantic, the entire time not knowing where it could be. I retraced my steps. Going store, to store…and checking the car we had came in. What if I hadn’t had time to retrace my steps? What if…… I did eventually did get the purse back. What if I had a Tile Mate?

Tile helps Find your keys, phone, anything you attach it to.

lose it find it with Tileit DearCreatives.com

What if I could of tracked it, and known right away where it was in that moment? What if you could minimize the potential loss, with one easy solution. I’m here to tell you that you can with #TileIt , and with the help of Tile community together we find it. Have you heard of Tile? 

Maybe you’ve seen the story of how it helped a young girl get her stuffed Panda back? Tile is the world’s best-sellingBluetooth tracker

bluetooth electronic device lose it find it with Tileit DearCreatives.com

Nobody likes losing stuff, especially when it’s something special or important. I had the chance to try Tile.

tile put onto camera to help find it if the camera is lost.

The first thing I knew I wanted to use Tile for was my camera. I am always setting it down when ever we travel, or visit places. Swapping bags I put it in to keep it safe.

Sometimes I don’t even want to bring my camera with me, to minimize misplacing it. Honestly, I probably could replace my camera but, often times I have hundreds of work photos, and personal photos on my camera on a SD card.

Camera with tile attached to it

Those moments can not be replaced. I don’t always have time to download them in between shooting, and will have my camera with me. I can take my camera everywhere feeling a bit safer about getting it back, if lost thanks to Tile. Tile attaches to anything that you don’t want to lose. What would you attach it to? 

little bluetooth tracker that attaches to anything. lose it find it with Tileit find out more at DearCreatives.com

Of course you can use it for keys, wallets, backpacks, photo camera bags, luggage, and anything else of value to you. Tile easily attaches to anything that you don’t want to lose.

Honestly, this is the easiest Bluetooth tracker app to set up.

  1. You can either download the Android app. or go to TileIt.com
  2. Attach Tile to anything you don’t want to lose. Keep track of it with the Tile app.
  3. Use  Tile and the Tile app. “Together we find it”

I hadn’t even thought about using Tile as a gift, until I used it. Personally, I think this Tile Mate is going to be my go to gift for quite a few people this holiday season. It’s unique, pretty, and solves a big problem – finding your lost stuff. Just sayin’ What’s great about this is you can purchase the Tile in combo packs, which is a bonus with savings. Making gifts on your list under $25! 

Hello stocking stuffers family, shh mums the word. Why? 

The hubby is always misplacing his keys. He has work keys, house keys, big tractor keys. Plain, and simple too many keys for his pockets.

Why my teen needed a Tile as a gift

Another way we are using Tile. My daughter is always misplacing her tennis racket, so I gave her Tile as an early gift. She’s been on the high school varsity tennis team, and they travel for games. 

Looking in the trunk of car for missing tennis racket with tile on it.

How can you misplace something that big? Don’t ask me. Teen brain? But, she does. With 15 girls on a tennis team, a locker full of rackets. Or left on the school bus.

tennis racket with tile found on left in trunk of the car

When she get’s home, tossing it any where and everywhere, or stuffed it in her closet under tons of clothes. Or the time she leaves it in the back of the SUV when heading to school, and needs it. Then she calls me to find it, and bring it to her at school.

tile on a tennis racket case Find out more DearCreatives.com

Or at a friends house. Yeah, that is just to name a few times we used Tile for her tennis racket. 

Find out more about Tile a devise for finding things you lose. DearCreatives.com

If I would of had Tile when my oldest daughter was little she’d still have her original Arfie, stuffed dog security toy. When she lost it she was heart broken. It was like weaning a baby from the bottle, not fun. 

Losing something you value is never easy. 

You can attach your Tile to anything by using your carabineer, key ring, luggage tag, or with their custom adhesive. Be a part of the world’s largest lost-and-found community, where friends and strangers come together to find everything that matters.

bluetooth tracker click to find out more (ad) lose it find it with Tileit DearCreatives.com-

There is even a new luggage tag for Tile slim, perfect for anyone who travels all the timeVisit here to find out more products, and testimonials. 

What is one thing you’d use Tile for? Do you own one already? 

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  1. I love the idea of putting it on your luggage as we are going to Disney next week. One time we went in the past, one of our suitcases got lost on the plane ride home. This definitely would have been such a help. So totally keeping it in mind for this time out now. So thanks for that thought 😉

    1. Hi Meg, Those photos are of Avlia Beach which is south of Morro Bay area. But, we access it right off the 101 south, then west on Avila drive. Yes, I agree, I can’t wait to get a few more for gifts, and for when we travel. Thanks for stopping by.

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