Add A Little Holiday Magic With Personalized Videos From Santa!

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Christmas is the most magical time of year for children and there is a way to make it even more magical. I have a special holiday gift idea that is perfect for families! Have you ever heard of Santa PNP. The PNP is short for Portable North Pole. They create more magic for families and children at Christmas time with personalized Christmas messages directly from Santa! Today I’m sharing how you can make your own personalized video message direct from the north pole for your kids or grand kids!

Creating your personalized messages from PNP has never had so many options as this year! There is free video that can be created and the other free content on the website, such as Santa stories,  behind the scenes of Santa’s Village, and the Verdict Machine! 

PNP Santa Mom and daughter watching Santa Video Greeting

I created one a few years ago for my grand daughter Audrey and did it again for all the grand kids! It was really easy create just by filling out a few details or picking choices, then magically it’s ready for you! This is a kids safe program! You can watch the videos with family and share them directly with other family members or close friends.

But, it’s not limited to kids either there is an option for grown-ups! And they have even expanded to have options for birthday’s too. Now, let me give you a few more  details about PNP and a discount to help if you pick extra options! (at bottom of post)

There are many free options and activities available at Portable North Pole; 

  • Free phone call from Santa!
  • Free personalized video from Santa to remind children to stay on his Nice list
  • Free mobile app game – “Santa Sprint” for tech-savvy kids
  • Free personalized video for grown-ups to send to their loved ones as a fun part of the holidays

Both parents and grandparents will enjoy sharing these with the children in their lives over the holidays. 

Behind the scenes at Santa’s Village; 

Santa and his elves in the toy shop_PNP Santa

Don’t miss the Verdict Machine run by a pedaling elf! See the beautiful ice sculptures, peeks into Santa’s Workshop and even reindeer stables! On PNP there are also options for; Keeping all videos as souvenirs, high quality video playback and options to watch with no restrictions or expiration date

Video Messages Options from PNP; Free video, Premium & Holiday Pass! 

  • Free video: Available online and as a downloadable app (last year there was a $3.99 charge for this; this year it’s free)
  • Premium ($4.): Significantly more personalized than the free version, plus it’s longer and there are three story-lines vs. one in the free. It’s good for families with more than one child (you can do different story-lines for each child) and it offers unlimited mobile viewing
  •  Holiday Pass ($9.99): With this you can create an unlimited number of premium videos and calls from Santa. 
  • Take a peek of the magical trailer but, don’t forget to grab the discount at the end of the post for visiting PNP! 

Santas Elves PNP Santa

It’s nice to know that Santa and the elves are spreading goodwill! Whenever you purchase a personalized gift from Santa, PNP donates a  5 % portion of the sale to the Children’s Hospital closest to you. Last year they donated $ US 75,000 to charity and are they hoping to well exceed that figure, this season.

  • Santa uses a device called the Portable North Pole console, called the PNP for short, to send personalized video messages
  • In a few easy steps, anyone can help Santa gather information needed to prepare a tailor-made video message that will enchant young and young at heart
  • Disclosure; This opportunity was from all text, experiences and opinions are our 100% our own. We hope you and your family enjoy PNP as much as we have!

Who is going to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year?! I have a few grand kids who are going to love their personalized video messages! 

Have you ever created a video message for your kids or someone close?

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